Zendaya Met Gala, What Was Special About Zendaya’s Outfit?

After a long absence, Zendaya made a dazzling return to the Met Gala, not just as an attendant, but also co-chair. The theme for this year’s gala, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” Zendaya stepped out wearing a stunning gown created by John Galliano for Maison Margiela. Vogue showcased the dress’s sophistication that was adorned with layers blue, black, and green tulle. It was accented by berries and leaves which gracefully draped around her waist. The dress marked a major return to her well-known position in the fashion world.

What Was Special About Zendaya’s Outfit?

Zendaya’s dress was much more than an outfit it was a story that was woven from time and fashion that reflected the theme stunningly. The exquisite details of her dress–tulle with moody colors, paired with a natural theme–reflected the idea of a new awakening, blending traditional fashion elements with contemporary fashions. The choice was in keeping with her tradition of thematic alignment. It was used in her 2014 Met Gala debut with a sun-motif gown inspired by the theme of that year’s event, “China: Through the Looking Glass.”

What Preceded Zendaya’s Met Gala Appearance?

Prior to attending the Met Gala she attended Anna Wintour’s famous pre-Met dinner. She wore the vintage white lace gown designed by John Galliano from his fall 1998 collection. The dress was embellished with an ethereal pink floral top embellished with butterflies, hinting at the event’s topic, “The Garden of Time.” Inspiring by the JG Ballard short tale the ensemble was a playful stage for the Met Gala appearance.

How Does Fashion Play Into Zendaya’s Public Persona?

Zendaya sees fashion as a manifestation of her imagination, a method to create and present different personas. According to her own words, every outfit lets her portray a persona, assisting her in navigating the unique aspects of life as a celebrity particularly as an individual who is an introvert and shy. This way of thinking transforms her appearance into a show, in which the clothing is as much an element of her personality as the roles she plays on the screen.

What Is the Significance of This Year’s Costume Institute Exhibit?

The upcoming Costume Institute exhibit, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” will display approximately 250 items that trace the more than 400-year span of fashion’s history. Within this, 15 notable objects stand out, like the 1877 Charles Frederick Worth silk satin ball gown that demonstrates the lasting impact of the fashions of the past. The exhibit seeks to understand the relationship between fashion’s past and current and encourages a new interpretation of the styles of the past in contemporary fashion.


Her return back to her role at the Met Gala was not just an expression of fashion, but also it was a confirmation of her position as a contemporary style icon. By the choices she made, she demonstrates the way fashion can be an effective way of telling stories, and bridges the gap between the past and the present. Every event to the Met Gala adds layers to her public image and reveals what she has learned about her involvement with fashion as an personal expression and art.

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