Cedric Lee Age, Family, Career & More

Cedric Lee, otherwise known by his professional name Bernice Cua Lee, has recently become the subject of much media and social media attention following his involvement in a high-profile incident involving Filipino comedian Vhong Navarro’s assault. Cedric’s business ventures predominantly reside within construction; his office at Robinsons Galleria Metro Manila also confirms his place among business communities.

Early Connections and Personal Life

Cedric Lee first made headlines for his personal relationships than for any professional achievements, before becoming embroiled in controversy. He had been linked with Filipina singer/actress Vina Morales before they split, sharing Ceana (four at the time). Despite such high-profile relationships, Cedric has managed to remain relatively low profile when it comes to family matters; Vina Morales remains silent regarding any involvement with Lee in Vhong Navarro assault allegations.

The Incident with Vhong Navarro

Cedric Lee first became widely known after an incident involving Vhong Navarro from Filipino variety show “It’s Showtime.” According to reports, Vhong identified Cedric Lee as one of his attackers during an exclusive interview with “Buzz ng Bayan,” leading to widespread media coverage and discussions online. After experiencing serious injuries himself, Navarro is slowly recovering and returning to public life and television duties.

Other Legal Encounters

Cedric Lee has had multiple legal encounters since 2007, when he was arrested in connection with the assault and robbery of David Bunevaz – another high-profile incident which captured the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). This case exposed Lee’s earlier brushes with law, adding to his already controversial public persona.

Current Status and Business Engagements

Cedric Lee continues his business operations and fulfill contracts, particularly in the construction industry. His ongoing projects, especially those conducted with government partnerships, indicate his professional life remains vibrant; however, their details remain private owing to privacy or confidentiality norms associated with such business dealings.

Public Perception and Speculation

Cedric Lee has garnered considerable public interest due to his links with high-profile personalities and involvement in criminal cases. Rumors about his relationships, especially those involving Denise Millet Cornejo have swirled widely despite both parties remaining silent about their statuses; further fueling curiosity from members of the public.


Cedric Lee’s story is one of business success, marred by legal controversies and media scandals. His journey through business and entertainment shows both its intricate connections as well as the often harsh spotlight cast upon public figures in the Philippines. While navigating legal challenges and business endeavors, public and media scrutiny continues to play an integral role in his life narrative.

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