Who Is Gisele Dating, Who is Gisele dating right now?

Gisele, the Brazilian supermodel and long-time fashion icon, has fallen in love with Joaquim, a jiu jitsu teacher. The couple began dating in June 2023. They have chosen to keep a low-profile, contrasting with Bundchen’s former high-profile marriage with NFL star Tom Brady.

Bundchen & Valente first appeared together in late 2022. Rumors about their relationship began to spread. It wasn’t confirmed until February 2024. Bundchen’s new relationship is a personal milestone for her. She seems to want to keep this chapter of her life out of the spotlight she has experienced in the recent past.

How did Gisele and Joaquim meet?

Bundchen’s and Valente’s relationship is rooted in their shared interests and circumstances, which brought them together. The two first met in a professional environment related to Valente’s expertise in Jiu-jitsu. Bundchen was interested in martial arts for her son and initially approached Valente to be an instructor. Over time, their friendship grew and laid the foundation for an even deeper relationship once Bundchen became single.

What caused Gisele Bundchen to split with Tom Brady?

Gisele and Tom Brady divorced in October 2022, ending a 13-year union that was frequently in the spotlight due to both of their fame. Bundchen has cited growing differences as the main reason for their divorce. Brady’s sudden return to NFL in 2022 and his brief retirement sparked speculation about the impact it would have on their marriage. Bundchen stated in interviews after their divorce that they had diverged dramatically over the years.

What has changed in Gisele’s privacy approach?

Bundchen, since her separation from Brady has taken conscious steps to keep her private life out of the public’s view. Her relationship with Valente is a good example of this. Bundchen refused to talk about her new relationship in a March 20, 2024 interview on “Good Morning America” with Robin Roberts, stating that she wanted to keep her privacy. This is a major shift in Bundchen’s previous marriage which was constantly scrutinized by the media.


Gisele’s life following her marriage with Tom Brady reflects the desire to live a more quiet and private existence. Bundchen’s relationship with Joaquim Vallente has generated interest due to Bundchen’s past. However, Bundchen is now focusing on privacy and personal boundaries as she navigates this new phase. Her changing approach to managing her public persona, and her personal happiness, highlights her journey toward finding peace outside of the public spotlight.

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