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Bill Belichick, the long-standing head coach of the New England Patriots, is well-known for his strategic savvy and his calm manner on the field of football. However, in the Netflix mockery of Tom Brady, he showcased another facet of his personality. Belichick was astonished by his willingness to engage in funny and witty exchanges, particularly with his former quarterback Tom Brady.

What Happened at Tom Brady’s Roast?

The event attracted a variety of stars and sports celebrities, Belichick took the stage to perform a number of jokes. His humor was most apparent when he made an interesting remark to Alex Guerrero, Brady’s close friend and business associate in his “TB12” method. The comment was not only the highlight of his performance, but an extremely talked about moments of the night.

Why Was the Joke About Alex Guerrero Significant?

The joke that was directed towards Alex Guerrero carried a deeper resonance due to the past among Guerrero, Brady, and Belichick. Alex Guerrero was not just Brady’s health and fitness coach but an unpopular figure in the Patriots in the locker room. He was a prominent figure and was reported to be one of the main factors which strained the relationship among Brady and Belichick at the close of Brady’s stint in the Patriots. Therefore, Belichick’s humorous joke at Guerrero was especially touching and well-received by people who were familiar of the club’s intra-team dynamic.

What Role Did Alex Guerrero Play in Tom Brady’s Career?

Alex Guerrero, often seen as more than an athletic trainer, played an array of roles in Brady’s career and life. According to The New York Times as Brady’s “spiritual guide, counselor, pal, nutrition advisor, trainer, massage therapist, and family member,” Guerrero played a pivotal role in the creation of”TB12,” Brady’s “TB12” method–a holistic approach to wellness and health that Brady is credited with sustaining his success within the NFL. In addition, Guerrero is the godfather to Brady’s son Ben and demonstrates the deepness of their friendship.

How Did the Audience React to Belichick’s Performance?

The response of the crowd to the comedian’s delivery was extremely positive, with a majority of people being impressed by the lighter and more humorous side of the normally reserved coach. The joke specifically about Guerrero was received with applause and laughter and indicated that the crowd were knowledgeable about the backstory of the coach, Brady, and the Patriots.


Bill Belichick’s appearance on Tom Brady’s rubber roast at Netflix showed a previously unnoticed aspect of his character: his sense of humour. The ability of his to engage in a conversation, especially about sensitive issues like his relationship to Brady and Guerrero was not just entertaining viewers but also provided an element of closure to the historical chapter of NFL legend. It was a moment which proved that even the most ferocious alliances and rivalries can be resolved with an enjoyable recapitulation which was much to the satisfaction of fans of football and spectators.

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