Warwick Davis Wife, Wife of Warwick Davis Passes Away at 53

Warwick Davis, an esteemed actor and filmmaker, recently shared with LucasFilm and their audience of his wife Samantha Davis’ tragic passing at 53. Her death on March 24 was revealed through an emotional statement from Warwick; both family and community are left reeling with this loss. Samantha was well known for both her film roles as well as being an affectionate partner and mother; this loss will leave an irreparable hole within their community and their lives.

A Life of Love and Support

Warwick’s statement paints an intimate portrait of Samantha as his “wife and soulmate, best friend, devoted mother and favorite human.” He described her as his closest confidante and staunch supporter of his career; attributing Samantha with contributing significantly to several projects like Tenable, Willow series or An Idiot Abroad 3’s success. Without Samantha’s influence these shows may never have become reality.

Warwick will always remember Samantha for her unrelenting positivity and hilarious sense of humor, which brought joy into their lives. Warwick shared how her warmth and open-hearted nature had such an impressionful effect on those she met. Despite recent years bringing mobility challenges for Samantha, she never let this hamper her quality of life or limit her accomplishments.

A Legacy of Warmth and Generosity

Warwick Davis expressed his profound grief and pain from living without Samantha for thirty-five years, yet found solace in their shared memories and experiences. Warwick hopes Samantha’s legacy of kindness and generosity will live on through deeds she performed or the warmth and love she spread.

Harrison and Annabelle issued a joint statement honoring their mother as an inspiration and source of happiness in their lives, who will serve as an enduring source of support and happiness throughout their future endeavors.

Cinematic and Charitable Contributions

Samantha first met Warwick while filming the fantasy cult classic “Willow” in the late ’80s, after first noticing her on set for “Labyrinth.” As soon as they met again on set of “Willow,” Samantha shared screen time with Warwick, appearing alongside him not only in that film but also “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II” and “Leprechaun 2.”

Samantha played a vital role in co-founding the charity organization Little People U.K. alongside Warwick. This organization serves as a vital support network for individuals living with dwarfism by meeting both medical and social needs while advocating for increased understanding and acceptance.

Overcoming Health Challenges

Overcoming Health Challenges Samantha faced numerous health obstacles throughout 2019, such as her encounter with sepsis requiring emergency surgery. Warwick later recounted their ordeal to The Sun newspaper and spoke openly about its emotional effects on him and their children at facing what could potentially be their mother’s loss.

Warwick’s reflections from this difficult period showcase Samantha’s strength and perseverance even during her last years, including during their difficult final years together. Samantha left an indelible mark not only on herself but on all those she touched with her kindness and generosity.

Recalling Samantha Davis serves to remind us of the power and lasting legacy of human spirit, with love, laughter and dedication being hallmarks of her life. Samantha left behind an inspirational legacy–an appropriate tribute for such an exceptional individual.

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