Jayson Werth Kentucky Derby, From Ex-MLB Player To Derby Contender

Jayson Werth has long been known for his baseball excellence with Philadelphia Phillies; now, after 15 fruitful seasons playing MLB (with Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals respectively) Werth is making waves as an enthusiastic racecar driver. Most famously remembered as an integral component in winning 2008 World Series for Phillies!

Werth was first drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 1997 and quickly made headlines due to his incredible athletic skill – boasting a career batting average of.2667, slugging percentage of.455, and on-base percentage of.360 over his 16 year career. Even after retiring in 2010, Werth did not shy away from sports; rather it led him towards another hobby: horse racing.

How Did Werth Get into Horse Racing?

Werth’s journey into horse racing began quite unexpectedly after playing golf with friends in Florida in 2021, following his transition from professional baseball. While searching for new thrills and challenges after retiring from baseball, horse racing proved the perfect outlet; its appeal lay in finding something as stimulating and fulfilling. Werth decided to get involved because horse racing could bring back that excitement that baseball once provided him.

What Can You Tell Us About Dornoch?

Werth’s co-owned horse Dornoch will participate in Churchill Downs’ 150th Kentucky Derby on May 6, from post position No. 1. This showcases both his talent and that of Werth who are committed to competing at the highest levels of sport. Dornoch will race from No. 1, making for both strategic advantages and challenges when racing from this position. His participation at such an esteemed event not only proves their dedication as horse owners but also highlights Dornoch’s quality as an athlete and its quality owners!

What Does Owning a Horse Mean to Werth?

Werth was recently featured on MLB Network’s “MLB Central”, sharing insights into his passion for horse ownership. For Werth, horse ownership brings more joy than just races; rather it represents not only journey and preparation involved but a sense of pride and excitement that resonates with his competitive side and represents dedication towards excellence regardless of arena in which one competes. Dornoch brings Werth great pleasure in owning him!

What Does Werth See in Kentucky Derby’s Significance?

The Kentucky Derby is more than just another race; it has earned itself the moniker “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” For Werth, participating in such an iconic event represents more than commitment; it represents an opportunity to excel in an entirely different sport and to strive toward greatness within it. Werth found the Derby an appropriate arena to express his competitive nature.

What Issues does the No.1 Post Present at the Derby?

Starting from the No. 1 post at the Kentucky Derby can present unique obstacles. Horses racing from this position must show exceptional acceleration out of the gate to avoid becoming trapped against railings that obstruct movement through the field, something Werth is quite familiar with from his baseball days. Strategic racing combined with luck are crucial ingredients of success here – qualities Werth understands well from his baseball days!


Jayson Werth’s transition from MLB champion to horse racing aficionado is more than an exercise in changing sports; it demonstrates his adaptability and willingness to adapt in new environments. With each new endeavor he undertakes, such as entering horse racing himself or backing Dornoch at Churchill Downs for this weekend’s Derby race, Werth continues to demonstrate both passion for competition and an eagerness to embrace new challenges – something the former baseballer already demonstrated during his baseball playing days! His journey continues as an inspirational witnessing new worlds such as horse racing or just watching others as his journey unfolds from baseball fields and racetracks!

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