Gisele and Antonio Brown, What Happened at The Roast of Tom Brady?

A special evening was devoted to fun and lighthearted digs, the smear campaign against NFL star Tom Brady took an interesting turn when comedian Kevin Hart used Antonio Brown’s name in a gag that caught all the interest. In the Netflix special, Hart quipped that Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, attended the event not only as a fan of her ex-husband, but also as an “plus one” of the controversial former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown. The reaction of the crowd was divided and some found the joke hilarious, while others saw it as a subtle snark at the time, particularly considering Brady and Bundchen’s divorce.

How Did Tom Brady React to the Joke?

Tom Brady, known for his calmness both in and out of the field, was able to look a bit awkward as cameras caught the reaction of Hart’s comment. Despite the fact that it was personal in the remark, Brady’s reply was professional, demonstrating his ability to face the scrutiny of public with grace. The moment was important and reflected the mix of public and private life that celebrities are often forced to manage, particularly in environments intended to entertain and stimulate.

What Was Antonio Brown’s Response?

Antonio Brown’s response to being featured in such a prominent context was extremely brave. Famous for his direct and often unfiltered manner of speaking, Brown did not hold his ground when addressing the mention of his name in the roast. Although specifics of his reply aren’t disclosed, it is the norm of Brown to respond to mentions of his name in a direct manner, whether it be through social media or through other public declarations. His straightforward manner of speaking often prompts additional debates as well as media attention, adding more layers to the already complicated connections and the histories of the people that are involved.


The Roast of Tom Brady served not only as a platform for improv but also a reflection of the lives of prominent athletes. Kevin Hart’s joke on Antonio Brown and Gisele Bundchen was a standout of the evening and brought to the fore the personal dynamics that are involved. Brady’s calm his response to the racial slur, as well as Brown’s resolute response highlights the different ways that public figures handle their private and public personas when they are under media attention.

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