Yuva Rajkumar Wife, Divorce Petition From Sridevi Byrappa Wife

In an unexpected turn of events, Kannada actor Yuva Rajkumar, son of Raghavendra Rajkumar and grandson of the legendary Dr. Rajkumar, has filed a petition in a family court seeking a divorce from his wife, Sridevi By Rappa. This development has come as a shock to fans and the Kannada film industry alike, given the revered status of the Rajkumar family.

Love Marriage

Yuva Rajkumar and Sridevi Byrappa’s relationship began as a love story, blossoming over six to seven years of courtship before they tied the knot in May 2019. Their wedding was a grand affair, attended by nearly every prominent figure in the Kannada film industry, including notable South Indian actors like Telugu star Chiranjeevi and Rashmika Mandanna. The couple’s union was celebrated as a coming together of two well-respected families in Karnataka.

After their marriage, Yuva Rajkumar focused on his debut film project, “Yuva,” directed by Santhosh Ananddram and produced by Hombale Films. Meanwhile, Sridevi was deeply involved in managing the Dr. Rajkumar Academy, an institution dedicated to coaching aspirants for IAS, KAS, and other competitive exams in Karnataka. Their professional commitments seemed to signify a promising future for the couple.

Rumors of Discord

Despite their promising start, rumors of discord began to circulate even before Yuva Rajkumar’s debut film hit the screens. It has been reported that Yuva has approached the family court for a divorce on grounds of incompatibility and mental cruelty. These revelations have raised eyebrows, especially considering the Rajkumar family’s reputation for marital harmony and stability.

The grounds cited by Yuva Rajkumar in his petition have added a layer of complexity to the situation. Incompatibility and mental cruelty are serious allegations that suggest deep-rooted issues in their marriage. The specifics of these claims have not been disclosed, but the filing itself has been enough to stir significant public and media interest.

Family Disappointment

The news of the divorce has been met with disappointment by fans of Dr. Rajkumar, who have always looked up to the family as paragons of personal and professional harmony. This is the first instance of a divorce filing within the Rajkumar family, making it a particularly jarring development for their admirers. The family’s longstanding image of marital bliss has now been overshadowed by this unexpected rift.

Industry Reaction

The Kannada film industry is no stranger to high-profile relationships and breakups, but Yuva Rajkumar’s divorce filing has been particularly surprising given the family’s illustrious background. This news comes on the heels of another notable divorce in the industry, that of Kannada rapper and composer Chandan Shetty and social media star Niveditha Gowda. However, unlike the mutual and amicable separation of Shetty and Gowda, the divorce between Yuva Rajkumar and Sridevi Byrappa appears to be more contentious.

Legal Proceedings

As the legal proceedings unfold, more details are expected to emerge about the reasons behind Yuva Rajkumar’s decision to file for divorce. The court will examine the claims of incompatibility and mental cruelty, and both parties will have the opportunity to present their side of the story. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for both Yuva and Sridevi, personally and professionally.

Public Sympathy

In the wake of this news, public sympathy is likely to be divided. Fans of Yuva Rajkumar may rally behind him, offering support during this challenging time. Conversely, there may also be a strong wave of empathy for Sridevi Byrappa, particularly given her efforts in running the Dr. Rajkumar Academy and her contributions to the educational field.

Moving Forward

For Yuva Rajkumar, this period will undoubtedly be challenging as he navigates the complexities of a public divorce while maintaining his burgeoning career in the Kannada film industry. His debut film, “Yuva,” has been a significant milestone, and how he manages his professional commitments amidst personal turmoil will be closely watched by fans and industry insiders alike.

Sridevi Byrappa, too, will have to manage the dual pressures of her professional responsibilities and the personal upheaval caused by the divorce proceedings. Her role in the Dr. Rajkumar Academy is a vital one, and her ability to continue her work with resilience and grace will be crucial in the coming months.


The divorce filing by Yuva Rajkumar marks a significant and unexpected chapter in the storied legacy of the Rajkumar family. As the legal process continues, both Yuva and Sridevi will need to find a way to move forward, balancing their personal struggles with their public lives. The support of their fans and the Kannada film industry will play a vital role in how both individuals navigate this challenging period.

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