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Urzila Carlson Wife Last night, Kiwi comedians Cal Wilson and Urzila Carlson, along with other notable comics from Australia’s The Weekly with Charlie Pickering participated in a Gogglebox-like segment highlighting Married At First Sight (MAFS), featuring some of its most shocking moments from Channel 9. Despite missing the original airing date of MAFS episodes they witnessed scenes which left them stunned and amazed!

One controversial scene involved contestant Heidi discussing her upbringing in foster care. Mike, her TV husband and insensitively responded with, “I’m not your therapist.” This moment provoked strong reactions from comedians including Aussie comic Dilruk Jayasinha who could only exclaim with disbelief “Oh my god,” Cal Wilson being more direct by calling Mike an “ar**ehole,” while Urzila Carlson delivered perhaps the most telling comment, quipping, “Guys like that produce more lesbians than speedos on beaches!” Urzila Carlson delivered perhaps most memorable remarks when she quipped with, “Guys like that produce more lesbians than speedos on beaches!” Urzila Carlson quipped this time that most memorable line by saying something similar and quipped, quoting Urzila Carlson once more with, “Guys like that produce more lesbians than speedos!”

Carlson’s Sharp Commentary.

Urzila Carlson didn’t stop there with her insightful observations on MAFS. She noted, for instance, “This show literally featured two bogans meeting for the first time and then getting married before gay marriage became legal in Australia!” Her sharp humor brought home both its absurdity and controversy surrounding MAFS as an entire concept as well as some of its participants.

The segment, available to watch on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering in full, took an amusing yet critical approach to reality TV series by emphasizing comedians’ surprise and amusement at what unfolded before them.

Mike’s Controversial Role

Mike, one of the most talked-about contestants this season, has proven controversial due to accusations of narcissism and “gaslighting” his wife Heidi. Last month in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald he attempted to address these accusations by attributing it to an overall shift favoring women while restricting men from speaking their minds freely; “Are you telling me that men cannot stand up for themselves anymore? Are we now so emasculated that we cannot express ourselves freely? Or can’t be real?”

Mike’s remarks only deepened the controversy surrounding his behavior on the show. He asserted that men are being pressured into meeting other people’s expectations and insisted he was standing in for all men by refusing to conform with these demands, in his defiance representing all men as one voice against these expectations.

Reflecting on the Split

Mike opened up more on their turbulent relationship during an interview with Josiah & Elly of Hit96.9 radio hosts Josiah & Elly radio hosts. He detailed their time together as unnecessarily painful and exhausting, noting “We put each other through the ringer…we hurt each other unnecessarily… it was more difficult than it should have been”. Mike acknowledged they failed to provide adequate support, leading to constant arguments over trivial matters.

Mike declined to blame either party, instead emphasizing their mutual differences as the source of tension in their relationship. “I don’t know what she’s telling the world; we’re two very different people,” he asserted, emphasizing their fundamental incompatibilities.

Looking Forward

With MAFS now behind him, Mike is looking forward to expanding into podcasting. He revealed to news.com.au his plans to start a podcast that covers long-form discussions of social issues that matter both personally and collectively – hopefully giving benefit to society overall in doing so.

Mike’s new venture of podcasting marks an exciting new chapter in his life post-MAFS, where he hopes to spark meaningful discussions and repair his public image. However, whether his podcast resonates with audiences or further divides opinions remains to be seen.


The Gogglebox-esque segment on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering offered comedians like Cal Wilson and Urzila Carlson an outlet to express their candid reactions to MAFS, its participants, and its ongoing fallout. Mike’s defensive stance and plans for a podcast demonstrate this impactful drama’s ongoing fallout as viewers continue to discuss its details and draw their own conclusions about its unfolding drama. MAFS remains both entertaining and contentious – keeping viewers guessing for years to come!

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