Wayne Lineker Net Worth, His Net Worth Is £30 Million He Engaged To Chloe Ferry

Wayne Lineker, aged 58, has recently made headlines after dubbing Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry, aged 27, his “wifey” on social media, sparking rumors of an engagement. The pair, who met on the latest series of Celebs Go Dating, have taken to Instagram to share their alleged engagement with fans. Despite this announcement, some speculate that the engagement may be a publicity stunt, especially given the absence of the diamond ring in Chloe’s subsequent posts. Wayne, the Ibiza club owner and brother of football legend Gary Lineker, has an estimated net worth of £30 million. He has three children, though he has kept details about his current partner private.

Celebs Go Dating Connection

Wayne and Chloe met on Celebs Go Dating, where they were both seeking love with non-celebrity contestants. Their unlikely connection quickly became a focal point of the show. Despite the reality TV setup, their chemistry seemed genuine, leading to speculation about their relationship status off-camera. Wayne’s Instagram post showing Chloe with a diamond ring, captioned “She said YES! Love you @chloegshore1,” fueled rumors of their engagement. Chloe, however, later posted an image without the ring, causing fans to question the authenticity of their announcement.

Social Media Frenzy

The engagement announcement caused a frenzy on social media, with fans and followers flooding Chloe’s Instagram with questions about the ring. Comments like “Where the ring at?” and “Are you engaged to Wayne?” dominated her posts. The speculation was further fueled by Wayne’s comment under another picture, where he referred to Chloe as “wifey.” This ongoing mystery has kept fans on their toes, with many unsure if the engagement is genuine or simply a PR move to garner attention.

Wayne’s Wealth and Business Ventures

Wayne Lineker’s net worth is estimated at £30 million, a significant sum amassed from his ownership of numerous nightclubs and bars, particularly in Ibiza. Despite being less frequently in the limelight compared to his brother Gary, Wayne has built a successful business empire. His venues are popular among celebrities, footballers, and socialites, contributing to his substantial wealth. Besides his Ibiza establishments, Wayne also owns Essex House 152, a restaurant and nightclub in Chingford, demonstrating his diverse business interests.

Dating Preferences

Wayne has never been shy about his preference for dating younger women. He has publicly stated that the perfect age for a potential partner is around 28 or 29. This preference has often been a topic of discussion and controversy. On Celebs Go Dating, dating experts advised him to consider partners aged 30 to 45, a suggestion he has openly contemplated. Wayne’s willingness to explore a broader age range shows his growth and openness to finding meaningful connections, even if there remains a significant age gap.

Public Scrutiny

Wayne’s dating life has always been under public scrutiny. His detailed checklist for a dream girlfriend, which includes expectations about job flexibility and lifestyle compatibility, sparked controversy when unveiled. Wayne explained that his criteria stemmed from past relationship experiences, where differing career paths caused strains. His openness about his preferences, though sometimes controversial, reflects his desire for compatibility and understanding in relationships.

Chloe Ferry’s Perspective

Chloe Ferry, known for her vibrant personality on Geordie Shore, has a significant following of her own. Her involvement with Wayne has surprised many, given the age difference and their recent connection. Chloe’s posts without the engagement ring have led to mixed reactions from fans, some supporting the relationship and others skeptical of its authenticity. Chloe’s perspective on the engagement and her future with Wayne remains a point of interest for her followers.

Future Prospects

Whether the engagement is real or a publicity stunt, it has certainly captured public attention. Wayne and Chloe’s relationship, genuine or not, reflects the ever-blurring lines between reality TV and real life. The future of their relationship will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of public fascination. For Wayne, maintaining a balance between his public persona and personal life remains crucial as he navigates his businesses and relationships.


Wayne Lineker and Chloe Ferry’s alleged engagement has stirred considerable excitement and skepticism. While the authenticity of their relationship remains unclear, the pair has certainly succeeded in capturing public interest. Wayne’s substantial net worth, successful business ventures, and dating preferences continue to shape his public image. Chloe’s role in this narrative adds a fresh dynamic, making their story one to watch. As 2024 unfolds, fans will be keenly observing whether this engagement leads to a genuine union or remains a well-played publicity stunt.

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