Trina Husband Rapper, Check Who is Swurv?

Trina the famous rapper from “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami”, has begun a new chapter of her life. She married Benjamin Kearse Jr. also known as Swurv. The couple married in Florida in a secret ceremony on May 22, 2018. Swurv has become a household name in the media, despite not being as well-known as Trina. He is a real estate agent, and specializes in flipping houses. In “Love & Hip-Hop Miami,” Trina introduced him as a real estate expert to Joy, displaying his charm and business acumen.

How did Trina and Swurv meet?

The details of how Trina met Swurv remain private. However, their bond was strong enough for them to marry. Swurv’s appearance on the “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami”, a reality television show, gave a glimpse of their relationship dynamics. It revealed a mutual affection and respect. Trina, in her own words, painted a picture on the show of a romantic relationship filled with happiness and understanding. She expressed that she had never felt happier.

What makes their relationship special?

Swurv, according to Trina is more than a partner. He’s a companion who “just understands” her. Their relationship seems to be based on this profound emotional connection. Trina openly gushed in the episodes of “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami”, where Swurv was featured, about his qualities as a great gentleman and her addiction to Swurv’s presence and support. The level of transparency about their relationship allowed fans to see the more personal side of Trina that is often hidden from public view.

Trina’s past relationships

Trina’s relationship history was notable before her marriage to Swurv. She was engaged to Raymond Taylor before, and the relationship ended in August 2023. She was also linked to high-profile celebrities like Lil Wayne and basketball player KenyonMartin. She was very involved with Raymond Taylor before they separated. Trina has been known for her relationships, so her new phase, which is more contented, with Swurv, will be a welcome change to her fans.


Trina’s marriage with Swurv is a turning point in her life. It suggests a move toward stability and mutual respect. The low-profile engagement of the couple and their surprise wedding may be a sign that they want privacy, and are moving away from previous public relationships. Swurv is a great partner for Trina, and she embraces this new phase of her life with Swurv. It’s one filled with mutual support, joy, and happiness. Fans are eager to see how their new life together will affect Trina’s personal growth and future projects.

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