Tom White Sports Presenter, on Being a Sunderland Supporter, Tom White

Tom White began his journey into broadcast engineering in 1990 as a technical assistant for Cayuga Community College’s Telecommunications Department, earning both degrees in broadcasting and broadcasting technology at Cayuga – setting the course for an over three-decade long career that includes many influential roles within the industry.

Spectrum Sports Legacy

White’s distinguished legacy at Spectrum Sports (formerly Time Warner Cable SportsChannel) began when it was still known as Newchannels in 1991. He initially served as schedule director and master control operator, managing programming schedules while overseeing quality of broadcast transmissions – two tasks which offered White an invaluable education in broadcast operations.

Over 26 years at Spectrum Sports, White held various roles with increasing degrees of responsibility. He served as studio and remote engineer from 1992-1998, gaining hands-on experience working both within controlled studio environments as well as dynamic remote production settings; this period sharpened his technical abilities in preparation for more senior positions.

White was appointed engineering coordinator in 1998 and held this role for six years, during which time he coordinated all technical aspects of broadcasts while upholding high standards of quality and seamless technical operations. His expertise at overseeing complex engineering tasks was recognized when in 2004 he was promoted to engineering manager, overseeing a team of engineers and technicians.

Leadership and Innovation

From 2005 to 2011, White held the role of production and engineering manager at Spectrum Sports. In this position, he oversaw the integration of production and engineering efforts, ensuring technical operations supported creative production needs. White’s ability to bridge engineering with production earned him accolades and advancement in his company.

White was appointed director of operations of Spectrum Sports from 2011 until 2014. As such, he oversaw all operational aspects of Spectrum Sports including technical and production operations. Under his leadership during this period, innovative solutions and efficient management practices helped contribute to its success.

White spent his final three years at Spectrum Sports as Senior Manager of Remote Operations and Engineering. In this position, he oversaw all technical operations of remote production facilities to ensure broadcasts met high-quality standards. In this position, White demonstrated his abilities in overseeing large-scale operations with multiple locations as well as managing complex technical setups across varying locations.

Syracuse Athletics Production

Tom White joined Syracuse Athletics Production as the Director of Technical Operations on July 20, 2017, bringing with him decades of experience from Spectrum Sports. White’s primary duties as Technical Operations Supervisor involve overseeing equipment and transmission operations to ensure seamless broadcast of Syracuse’s athletic events to audiences worldwide.

White’s expertise in remote production has been instrumental in improving the quality and reliability of Syracuse University broadcasts. His ability to adapt to new technologies while overseeing intricate technical details makes him an invaluable asset to his department, which continues to deliver top-quality broadcasts of Syracuse Athletics Production that feature their sports programs.

Freelance Expertise

Tom White has over 20 years of experience as a freelance professional. This role has seen him work with major networks and clients such as ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, MLB Network, CSP Mobile and NCAA Lacrosse on CBS Sports Network; additionally Tom has broadcasted commencements at institutions such as Cornell University and LeMoyne College.

White’s freelance work as a broadcast engineer has kept him at the cutting-edge, constantly honing his skills and expanding his knowledge base. His varied experiences working for different clients and networks has provided him with an expansive view of the industry that allows him to provide innovative solutions in his full-time roles.


Tom White has earned an esteemed career as a broadcast engineer through his dedication, technical expertise, and leadership abilities. From his early days at Cayuga Community College to his influence at Spectrum Sports and Syracuse Athletics Production, White has shown dedication and excellence in broadcast engineering. His contributions not only improved broadcasts but also inspired numerous aspiring engineers. As White continues his tenure overseeing technical operations at Syracuse he remains an impactful presence within broadcast engineering circles.

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