Toastbrot Rückruf Lidl, Read All About Facts

Lidl issued an urgent recall notice for two types of bread manufactured by Bakkerij Holland due to possible presence of potentially hazardous foreign bodies, specifically “Grafschafter Weizen Sandwich American Style (750g) and Grafschafter Whole Grain Sandwich American Style (750 g) items that pose an imminent danger. These could contain plastic fragments which pose serious safety concerns to consumers.

Which Products Are Affected?

This recall specifically affects two products that come packaged in 750 g units with “American Style” labels. Consumers should be aware that all items with best-before dates up until and including May 21, 2024 fall under this recall.

Where Did These Products Sell?

Lidl supermarkets located exclusively in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany were the sole stores where these recalled breads were available and did not distribute or sell to other regions or stores.

What Risks Do These Contaminants Pose?

Bakkerij Holland reports that plastic fragments found in bread products could pose significant health concerns, ranging from injuries to the mouth and throat area to potential internal injuries or bleeding requiring medical care.

What Should Consumers Do? It is highly advised that anyone who has purchased one of the above products does not consume them and instead contact Bakkerij Holland or Lidl store with proof of purchase to request a full refund; no receipt will be necessary as part of this return procedure.

Are Other Grafschafter Products Safe? It should be stressed that no other breads from Lidl’s Grafschafter line sold under this recall are affected, with this recall limited only affecting two “American Style” sandwich breads sold at Lidl.

Lidl’s recall of two bread products due to plastic contamination represents an urgent safety risk, so customers who possess affected items should heed warnings immediately and return them as soon as possible, to protect both health and safety. Customers should stay aware of product recalls for potential health hazards in order to remain aware.

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