Timo Leonetti Accident, Know In Deep

At just 20 years old, the talented young paraglider has already set an impressive record in the sport. He holds four FAI records, two world records, and two European records. His achievements include remarkable feats such as a 569 km flight in the Sertão, departing from Tacima and landing just 6 km from the declared world record waypoint. This flight secured him a record as a French paraglider. Additionally, he set the record for the longest flight on the African continent with a 562 km journey. His success is also supported by his loving parents, who organize and manage logistics, including towing and recovery.

African Adventure

One of the most notable achievements in his paragliding career was his African adventure, where he set the record for the longest flight on the continent, covering 562 km. This remarkable journey showcased his skills and determination, pushing the boundaries of the sport. The support from his parents was crucial in this endeavor, ensuring all logistics were in place, allowing him to focus solely on his flight.

Areological Conditions

For his flight in the Alps, the conditions were near perfect, with almost no wind, powerful thermals, and a well-organized air mass complemented by beautiful cumulus clouds. However, towards the end, overdevelopment over the Ecrins caused shading, creating uncertainty about completing the circuit. Fortunately, the powerful breeze helped him succeed. This flight on August 9, 2022, resulted in two FAI-validated records: a speed record of 29.5 km/h on a 300 km triangle and a distance record of 313.6 km on a triangular FAI course.

Preparing Flights

Preparing for these impressive flights requires meticulous planning and dedication, particularly challenging during the busy summer season. Despite working during this period, he makes time to analyze weather conditions and coordinate with friends for optimal flying days. The anticipation of a potential good day, albeit stressful, adds to the thrill of paragliding. Being in the right place at the right time is a crucial aspect of achieving these records.

In Flight

When in flight, he enters a focused state, fully immersed in the present moment. This concentration allows him to perform at his best, enjoying the process of covering vast distances under his glider. The sensation of a perfect flight, with all conditions aligning, brings immense joy and fulfillment. The feeling of a flawless flight is indescribable and is one of the greatest rewards of the sport.

Post-Flight Reflections

After landing, the post-flight reflection is equally significant. Removing the helmet and looking back at the sky evokes emotions, recalling the day’s challenging and magical moments. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, often bringing tears of joy and a deep emotional release. The post-flight phase is a time to savor the success and relive the journey.

Early Beginnings

Born into a family of paragliding instructors, he has been immersed in the sport from a young age. His parents, both passionate about paragliding, introduced him to the sport early on. By the age of 7, he was already soaring on the dunes of Canoa Quebrada, using an ITV awak or a ninja parachute. His first significant flights were at the age of 11 in the Col de Salvi, Corsica, with a spirulina 16m2. This early exposure laid the foundation for his love of cross-country flying, which he pursued more seriously at 15, spending entire summers exploring the skies solo with an Explorer XXS.

Competitive Spirit

Despite not being part of the competitive scene early on, his passion for cross-country flying was ignited through various adventures. From achieving his first 100 km flights in Colombia to covering 350 km in the Serrato at 16, his journey has been remarkable. His father’s guidance and support played a crucial role, especially during challenging flights. These experiences paved the way for his impressive 400-450 km flights in the Serrato in subsequent years and his 500 km flight in Brazil in 2022.

Training in Corsica

Training in Corsica, particularly in the Balagne region, presents unique challenges. The technical conditions, limited landing options, and frequent winds create a demanding training ground. However, these challenges have helped hone his skills, preparing him for diverse flying conditions. The year-round flying opportunities in Corsica make it an ideal training location, despite its difficulties.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, his goals include exploring competitive flying and continuing to chase distance records. He also has aspirations in rock climbing, aiming to balance both passions. His dedication to paragliding remains strong, with continuous efforts to improve and achieve new milestones. With a supportive family and a strong foundation, his future in the sport looks promising.

Personal Background

He is supported by his parents, both experienced paragliding instructors, who have played a vital role in his journey. Their unwavering support, from logistics to emotional encouragement, has been crucial in his success. His net worth, estimated at around $100,000, reflects his dedication and achievements in the sport. This young paraglider’s story is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the importance of family support in achieving one’s dreams.

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