The Real Gary Johnson Photos, Get Complete Details

Richard Linklater’s latest film, Hit Man, has officially arrived on Netflix, captivating audiences with its unique blend of romance and action-comedy. Starring 35-year-old Glen Powell, the film delves into the intriguing story of Gary Johnson, a psychology professor who finds himself entangled in a web of crime and deception.

Gary Johnson’s Unique Role

Glen Powell portrays Gary Johnson, a college professor who moonlights as a fake contract killer. Johnson’s unusual journey begins when he discovers his knack for theatrically imitating criminals using humorous costumes, accents, and mannerisms. This hidden talent leads him to work undercover for the local police, where he assumes false identities to entrap criminals. The plot thickens when he meets Madison, played by Adria Arjona, a prospective client who wants him to kill her husband. However, she ends up stealing his heart, setting off a chain of deception and mixed-up identities.

Real-Life Inspiration

Yes, Hit Man on Netflix is loosely based on the true story of Gary Johnson, who posed as a contract killer for the Houston police in the late 1980s and 1990s. Linklater discovered Johnson’s incredible story through a 2001 Texas Monthly article by Skip Hollandsworth. Johnson’s tale was previously considered for adaptation, but it wasn’t until Linklater collaborated with Powell that the film found its narrative direction.

Creative Liberties

While the film takes inspiration from true events, it is not a strict retelling. Linklater and Powell decided to diverge from the facts, focusing on a specific story from Hollandsworth’s article. This story involves Johnson refusing to set up a police sting against a woman who hired him to kill her abuser, eventually leading to a romantic connection between them. This aspect of the plot, while central to the film, is largely fictionalized.

The Real Gary Johnson

The real Gary Johnson was indeed a college professor and a fake hitman working for the Houston police. His work led to more than sixty arrests. Johnson moved to Houston in 1981, hoping to join the University of Houston’s doctoral program in psychology. When he wasn’t admitted, he became an investigator for the district attorney’s office. His career as a fake hitman began in 1989 when he was tasked with posing as a hitman for police sting operations.

The Perfect Chameleon

Johnson’s ability to transform into various personas made him invaluable to the police. Michael Hinton, a prominent Houston lawyer, described him as a perfect chameleon, capable of convincing people from all walks of life that he was a legitimate contract killer. Hollandsworth even called Johnson “one of the greatest actors of his generation,” highlighting his ability to perform convincingly in any situation.

Differences in Film and Reality

Despite the real-life inspiration, Hit Man introduces several fictional elements. For instance, the film exaggerates Johnson’s use of disguises. In reality, Johnson did use slight disguises, but not to the extent portrayed in the movie. The film’s romantic subplot is also largely fictional. Although Johnson did help an abuse victim, there is no evidence that he was romantically involved with her.

Johnson’s Personal Life

The real Gary Johnson had a complex personal life. He was married three times and described as a loner by his second wife. She noted that while he could be sociable, he preferred solitude. His ability to switch between his quiet personality and the persona of a ruthless hitman amazed those who knew him.

A Blend of Fact and Fiction

Richard Linklater’s Hit Man blends fact and fiction to create an entertaining narrative. While it is inspired by true events, the film takes creative liberties to enhance the story’s dramatic and romantic elements. The result is a compelling movie that explores themes of identity, passion, and deception, anchored by Glen Powell’s charismatic performance as Gary Johnson.

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