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Taylor Kinney has been a cornerstone of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” since its debut in 2012. The series, co-created by Dick Wolf, delves into the lives of firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics at the fictional Firehouse 51. As Kelly Severide, the charismatic and skilled Lieutenant in charge of Squad 3, Kinney has captivated audiences for over a decade. His portrayal of Severide, a complex character with a mix of bravery and personal struggles, has garnered him a loyal fan base.

In January 2023, Kinney took a leave of absence from “Chicago Fire” to address a personal matter. Initially expected to be a brief hiatus, it was later confirmed that Kinney would not return for the remainder of Season 11. This unexpected development left fans speculating about his future on the show. As of now, there is no official word on whether Kinney will reprise his role in Season 12, keeping viewers eagerly awaiting updates.

Taylor Kinney’s Personal Life

Off-screen, Taylor Kinney is currently in a relationship with model Ashley Cruger. The couple was first seen together in April 2022 at a red carpet event in Park City, Utah. They made their relationship Instagram official in June 2022 and have since been spotted together at various events. Cruger even made a cameo appearance in the Season 11 premiere of “Chicago Fire,” delighting fans with a glimpse of their real-life chemistry.

Their relationship appears to be going strong, with Cruger confirming their status through multiple social media posts. In April 2023, she shared photos of them celebrating Easter together, including a picture of them kissing. This public display of affection reassured fans that the couple is still very much in love.

Kinney’s Past Relationship with Lady Gaga

Before dating Cruger, Kinney was famously engaged to pop superstar Lady Gaga. The pair met on the set of her music video for “You and I” in 2011. Their romance quickly blossomed, and they got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2015. However, their busy schedules ultimately led to their split in 2016, with Gaga filming “A Star Is Born” in Los Angeles and Kinney working on “Chicago Fire” in Chicago. Despite their breakup, they have both spoken fondly of each other in interviews, indicating a mutual respect and affection.

Family Background and Early Life

Taylor Kinney was born to Daniel Kinney, a career banker, and Pamela Heisler, a dental hygienist. His parents divorced when he and his three brothers were young, leading them to move to Neffsville, Pennsylvania, with their mother. Tragically, his father passed away suddenly in October 2021 at the age of 71. Daniel Kinney had a notable career in banking and was also an avid golfer.

Kinney’s family faced another tragedy in 2008 when his brother Ryan passed away. The cause of Ryan’s death was not publicly disclosed, but the loss profoundly impacted the family. Taylor’s remaining brothers, Adam and Trent, have pursued successful careers in their respective fields. Adam is a Senior Enterprise Solution Team Lead at Comcast Business, while Trent is the Managing Director of Top Stack’s Information Technology Division.

Kinney’s Career Beginnings

Before embarking on his acting career, Kinney attended West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. He later moved to Hawaii, where he worked as a carpenter. His journey into acting began with a role on the soap opera “Fashion House” in 2006, followed by appearances in series like “Trauma” and “The Vampire Diaries.” These roles paved the way for his breakthrough performance on “Chicago Fire.”

Kinney’s Relationship with His Mother

Taylor Kinney shares a close bond with his mother, Pamela Heisler. She has been a supportive presence throughout his career, often accompanying him to various events. Notably, she was his date to the premiere of “The Other Woman” in 2014, where they were photographed together on the red carpet. In the film, Kinney played Phil Hampton, the brother of Leslie Mann’s character, who becomes romantically involved with Cameron Diaz’s character.

Future Prospects

While Taylor Kinney’s return to “Chicago Fire” remains uncertain, his impact on the show is undeniable. Fans continue to express their hope for his comeback, eager to see Lieutenant Kelly Severide back in action. Regardless of his future on the series, Kinney’s contributions to the One Chicago universe have left an indelible mark, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in the world of television drama.

In the meantime, Kinney appears to be focusing on his personal life and well-being. His relationship with Ashley Cruger and his close-knit family provide a strong support system, allowing him to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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