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Tania Lives with her husband Yunerling Canales and their three sons: Abel, who is twelve years old, Moises, who is nine, and the youngest, Elias, who is just two years old. They have always lived in the neighborhood of Oscar Gámez, but twelve years ago, when they got married, they bought a small piece of land and moved out to build their own home.

Daily Life

“My husband works as a security guard and I’m a housewife,” Tania shares. “I spend the day washing our clothes, cooking, and preparing the kids to go to school. Now that I have my house, I mop our wood floor every day because I like my house to look pretty!”

Their home, however, was far from perfect. The structure was made of rotten wood and, during the rainy season, the ground turned to mud. Despite these challenges, Tania and Yunerling were determined to make a better life for their family.

Help Arrives

Their fortunes began to change when volunteers from TECHO, a nonprofit organization, visited their neighborhood. Tania’s sons, Moises and Abel, befriended the volunteers and told them about the poor condition of their home. One of the volunteers, a girl named Michelle, visited Tania’s house to assess their living situation. After asking a few questions, Michelle filled out some paperwork and assured Tania that they would review their case.

Tania prayed for a quick resolution, especially before the rainy season. Four months later, in March 2013, Michelle returned with good news: TECHO would build them a new house. Tania and Yunerling were overjoyed.

Community Effort

Michelle explained the building process and the amount of money they needed to contribute. Yunerling promised to save the necessary funds, and with guidance from TECHO volunteers on budgeting, they managed to save the money within a month.

On the construction day, TECHO instructed them to have the materials ready in front of their house. Yunerling quickly gathered everything, and neighbors came together to help with the construction. It was a heartwarming sight to see the community working together. Tania helped by preparing lunch for everyone, while Yunerling and other neighbors assisted in the building. The children were thrilled to watch the volunteers build their new home.

Life-Changing Impact

The new house brought significant changes to their lives. “The first big change for me was to see my children spending more time at home,” Tania recalls. Previously, the lack of space forced her children to play outside, causing her constant worry. Now, with a secure and spacious home, the children preferred to stay indoors and even began performing better in school.

Tania expressed immense gratitude for their new home. “You can’t imagine how thankful we feel to finally have a secure and decent place to live,” she says. The new house, with fixed walls and a sturdy floor, was a stark contrast to their old, leaky home. They even built an extra room for the kitchen, a fully covered shower, and a space for laundry.

Empowering Families

TECHO’s approach is not just about providing housing; it’s about empowering families. Families contribute 7% of the total cost of the house, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility. TECHO’s volunteers visit regularly before construction, encouraging families to set and achieve goals.

By providing housing to people in need in Oscar Gámez, TECHO brings profound changes to their lives. Basic needs that many take for granted, like a secure home, can transform someone’s outlook on life. When these needs are met through collaboration, families begin to see new possibilities and develop a more positive perspective on their future.


Tania and Yuengling’s story is a testament to the power of community and the impact of compassionate intervention. Through TECHO’s support and the family’s determination, they have not only secured a safe home but have also fostered a brighter future for their children. This journey highlights the importance of providing opportunities and support to those in need, enabling them to build better lives and stronger communities.

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