Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend, A Chronology Of Barry Keoghan

The first public sighting of Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter together took place in December 2023. The couple was seen looking slightly lost in a Brentwood parking lot after what was described by the Daily Mail as a “romantic dinner date.” This outing confirmed rumors that had been circulating since they reportedly met a few months earlier at the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week.

January 2024: Luna Luna Date

By January 2024, the relationship between Keoghan and Carpenter had progressed. People magazine reported that the couple “shared a little kiss” during a date at Luna Luna, an L.A. pop-up inspired by the 1987 German theme park designed by contemporary artists like Salvador Dalí and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This romantic outing solidified their budding relationship, marking one of their first affectionate public displays.

February 2024: Grammys and Romantic Outings

February 2024 was a month filled with high-profile appearances and romantic dates for the couple. They were spotted together at W magazine’s Grammys after-party, followed by a series of romantic outings. On a Friday night, they dined at Nobu and then reportedly headed to Hotel Bel-Air. The next morning, they were seen kissing each other goodbye outside Carpenter’s home. Just before Valentine’s Day, People published images of them leaving Delilah in West Hollywood and grabbing cocktails at Ysabel, where they appeared blissfully happy.

March 2024: Singapore Tour and Friendship Bracelet

March 2024 saw Carpenter opening for Taylor Swift on the Singapore leg of her Eras tour, with Keoghan visibly supportive in the crowd. His reaction to Carpenter’s improvised “Nonsense” outro was caught on camera, showcasing his admiration for her performance. The outro included a playful reference to their relationship: “He said that he wishes he was on me, Got me wetter than the Jewel Changi, Singapore I hope you like my songy.” A few days later, Keoghan was seen wearing a friendship bracelet with Carpenter’s name on it, a sweet nod to their relationship.

April 2024: Coachella and Social Media Affection

In April 2024, Keoghan continued to support Carpenter’s career. He commented “Tuuuuunnnnne M’darlin!!” on her Instagram post announcing the release of her song “Espresso” and added some enthusiastic emojis to her Skims campaign post. During Carpenter’s Coachella set, Keoghan was seen donning a silk Burberry scarf to block out the desert dust, showing his dedication to supporting her performances. Carpenter reciprocated with another lyrical reference to Keoghan’s role in “Saltburn” during her outro: “He’s drinking my bathwater like it’s red wine.”

A Supportive Partnership

The relationship between Keoghan and Carpenter has been marked by mutual support and affection. Keoghan, known for his acting prowess, seems to relish his role as Carpenter’s supportive partner. This dynamic was evident in the playful and affectionate interactions they shared on social media and during public appearances. Carpenter’s decision to cast Keoghan in her music video for “Espresso” further highlighted the strength of their bond. In an interview with Vogue, she expressed her excitement about working with him, stating, “I was sooo lucky to get Barry Keoghan in the video ’cause he is just magic on screen.”

Future Prospects

As the relationship between Keoghan and Carpenter continues to evolve, their fans eagerly anticipate what’s next for the couple. Both are highly successful in their respective fields, and their partnership only seems to enhance their individual careers. Keoghan’s supportive presence at Carpenter’s performances and his enthusiastic social media engagement demonstrate a deepening connection that transcends their professional lives.


Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter’s relationship has captured the public’s attention with its blend of genuine affection and mutual support. From their first public appearance in December 2023 to their playful social media interactions and supportive public outings, the couple has shown a strong and evolving bond. As they navigate their careers and personal lives, fans can look forward to seeing more of this dynamic duo and the ways in which they continue to inspire and support each other.

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