Ryan Garcia Weight, Know All Details Here!

In a dramatic event which was meant to be the beginning of an sought-after super light title bout on the streets of New York, boxer Ryan Garcia was hit with a major setback. At the time of the official weigh-in for his fight against Devin Haney, Garcia tipped the scales at 143.2 pounds–3.2 pounds more than the maximum weight in the ultra lightweight class. The mistake cost him dearly both in terms of his ambitions for the title and financially.

How Much Did the Weigh-In Misstep Cost Garcia?

The financial consequences for Garcia were extremely severe as a result of an unusual wager he placed against his rival prior to weighing-in. Garcia as well as Haney had a deal that for each pounds they were over the weight maximum, they would be liable for each an additional $500,000. Garcia’s inability to achieve the weight requirement not only disqualified Garcia from competing in Haney’s WBC title, but it also cost Garcia $1.5 million, a substantial amount that reflected the 3.2-pound excess.

What Was Garcia’s Reaction?

In a unique twist during the weigh-in process, Garcia saw himself drinking an alcoholic beverage, a decision that attracted the attention of both media and fans alike. Then he posted on the online social network X (formerly called Twitter) in order to put his weight problems due to “apple juice and sparkling water,” suggesting that his choices in hydration were a factor in the weight-in woes. Despite this setback Garcia quickly met the financial obligations he owed to Haney and confirmed that payment on social media.

Will the Fight Still Proceed?

Despite Garcia’s inability to put on weight in the bout, it is expected that scheduled for the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center will proceed as scheduled. Even though Garcia is no longer eligible to challenge Haney for the title but the fight is still an important fight on the calendar of boxing, with an intense and high-stakes contest. The decision to keep the fight demonstrates the entertaining value and professional commitment of both fighters guaranteeing that fans will delight in a top-quality battle.

What Preceded This Weigh-In Drama?

The lead-up to this fight was already awash with tension and twists that were unexpected. In the past week at a promotion event held at the Empire State Building, an incident between Garcia and Haney intensified tensions. The altercation reverberated throughout the boxing arena, as it was reported that the New York Mets withdrew an invitation to fighters throw the opening pitch of an upcoming game later that evening in order to stay clear of relating to the controversy about the incident.


Ryan Garcia’s failure to reach weight is a devastating loss to his career, which highlights the obstacles fighters face when trying to meet strict weight classes. While the financial losses are massive, the longer-term effect on his professional standing and the possibility of future title opportunities may be far more damaging. Garcia must reevaluate his strategies for preparation and the approach of his team to manage important pre-fight obligations like weight control. In the case of his fight with Haney the fight remains an important test for Garcia’s endurance and his ability to perform at the top standards in difficult situations. In spite of the defeat boxing fans will be keeping an eye on Garcia to see how Garcia handles challenges in the boxing ring.

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