Rodney Atkins Son, There’s A Striking Resemblance In The New Video

Rodney Atkins, aged 54, with a net worth of approximately $4 million, continues to captivate audiences with his heartfelt country music. The renowned country singer is married to Rose Falcon, and together they have two sons, Ryder and Scout. Atkins also has an older son, Elijah, from a previous relationship. In his latest music video for “Thank God for You,” Atkins brings his family into the spotlight, creating a touching visual that resonates deeply with fans.

Family-Centered Video

The “Thank God for You” video is a true family affair, featuring Atkins’ wife, Rose Falcon, and his 18-year-old son, Elijah. Elijah takes on the role of a younger version of his father, bringing a sense of nostalgia and continuity to the video. The opening scenes show Elijah performing on stage in a dive bar, portraying his father’s early days in the music industry. This casting choice highlights the bond between father and son, with Elijah fitting the role seamlessly, indicating that Rodney has passed down his musical talents and stage presence.

A Journey of Gratitude

Rodney Atkins uses the video to take fans on a journey through his life, reflecting on his roots and expressing gratitude for the people who have supported him along the way. The video seamlessly transitions between past and present, showcasing moments from Atkins’ life that he cherishes. From days spent on the front porch swinging to nights performing on stage, the video encapsulates the essence of gratitude that the song conveys.

Songwriters Behind the Hit

While Atkins’ personal touch is evident in the video, the song “Thank God for You” was written by Blake Chaffin, Jon McElroy, Logan Mize, and Randy Montana. This collaboration resulted in a song that perfectly captures the sentiment Atkins wanted to express. In an interview with Billboard, Atkins shared his intentions behind the song: “I wanted a song that said thank you to not only my wife and family but to all the fans, to the record labels, the booking agents – to all the people that have believed in me and stuck with me.”

Debut of Younger Sons

The video also marks the debut of Atkins’ younger sons, Ryder and Scout. Their appearance adds an extra layer of personal connection and warmth to the video. Ryder and Scout are seen in various scenes, symbolizing the continuity of family traditions and the values Atkins holds dear. The inclusion of his entire family reinforces the message of the song, showing viewers that gratitude extends beyond professional achievements to personal blessings.

Release and Reception

“Thank God for You” was released to country radio in August 2019 through Curb Records as the second single following the title track. The song quickly resonated with listeners, thanks to its uplifting message and relatable lyrics. Fans appreciated the authenticity and heartfelt nature of the song, which is reflected in the family-centered video. The success of the single highlights Atkins’ ability to connect with his audience through genuine storytelling and emotional depth.

Reflections on Success

Atkins’ career has been marked by numerous hits and accolades, but “Thank God for You” stands out as a personal anthem of gratitude. The song and video reflect his appreciation for the journey he has taken, the support he has received, and the love of his family. By sharing these intimate moments with his fans, Atkins reaffirms his connection to his roots and the values that have guided his career.

Inspiring Message

The message of “Thank God for You” extends beyond the music industry, resonating with anyone who values gratitude and family. Atkins’ portrayal of his life, from humble beginnings to professional success, serves as an inspiration. The video encourages viewers to reflect on their own lives and appreciate the people and moments that have shaped their journeys.


Rodney Atkins’ “Thank God for You” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the people who have supported him throughout his life. The video, featuring his family, adds a personal touch that deepens the song’s impact. By sharing his gratitude through music, Atkins continues to build a legacy of authenticity and emotional resonance in the country music world. Fans can see firsthand why he thanks God for the simple joys and profound connections that define his life.

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