Robert Shinn Wife, Married To Hannah Lee After Splitting From Shirley Kim

Robert Shinn, a Canadian immigrant, established Shekinah Church in the United States. However, his journey to founding this religious institution is marked by personal complexities, including leaving behind his first wife and two children in Canada. His tumultuous personal life includes multiple marriages, each with its own narrative that intertwines with his religious and professional pursuits.

Marital Journey and Relationships

Robert Shinn has been married four times, with each relationship shaping different aspects of his life and career. His marriage to Shirley Kim in 2009 lasted only two years, ending in 2011. Despite the brevity of their union, Shirley played a significant role in both his personal and professional life. After their divorce, Robert began dating Hannah Lee, who would later become his third wife and a pivotal figure in his church and business operations.

Shirley Kim’s Professional Achievements

Shirley Kim, an accomplished individual, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Cal State Fullerton. She furthered her education by earning a Master’s degree in Entertainment-Media Transactions and a juris doctorate from Chapman University School of Law. Currently, Shirley is a transactional lawyer managing her own legal practice. Additionally, she serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Production & Development at Imaginating Pictures.

Shirley’s Role in Robert’s Life

During her time with Robert, Shirley was not only his spouse but also his second-in-command. She played a crucial role in the church’s administration and was actively involved in notarizing documents for meetings involving Robert and his associates, including Hannah Lee. After their divorce, Shirley’s contributions continued to influence the operations of Shekinah Church and related businesses.

Hannah Lee’s Rise to Prominence

Following his separation from Shirley, Robert Shinn began a relationship with Hannah Lee. Hannah, a resident of Santa Ana, California, quickly became an integral part of Shekinah Church, eventually assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer. Her responsibilities included managing congregants’ bank accounts and organizing daily schedules, showcasing her dedication and efficiency.

Hannah’s Impact on Church and Business

Hannah Lee’s exceptional performance in her administrative and financial duties earned her Robert’s deep trust. She was honored with the title “Woman of God,” reflecting her near-equal role in church affairs even before her marriage to Robert. In addition to her church responsibilities, Hannah manages dancer clients for 7M Films, overseeing their affairs and ensuring smooth operations.

Legal Troubles and Allegations

In 2023, a civil lawsuit filed by former church members named Robert Shinn, Hannah Lee, and Shirley Kim as defendants. The lawsuit included accusations of fraud, forced labor, breach of fiduciary duty, and failure to pay minimum wage. Despite these serious allegations, the trial is not scheduled until 2025, allowing the involved parties to continue their personal and professional lives relatively undisturbed for the time being.

Current Standing and Future Prospects

The ongoing legal issues cast a shadow over the futures of Robert Shinn, Hannah Lee, and Shirley Kim. However, each continues to play significant roles within their respective domains. Robert remains a central figure at Shekinah Church, guiding its spiritual and operational directions. Hannah Lee maintains her influential position, managing the church’s finances and contributing to 7M Films. Shirley Kim continues her legal practice and her executive role at Imaginating Pictures, demonstrating her diverse skill set and resilience.


The intertwined lives of Robert Shinn, Shirley Kim, and Hannah Lee paint a complex picture of personal and professional dynamics. From the founding of Shekinah Church to the multiple marriages and evolving roles within various enterprises, each individual’s journey is marked by significant achievements and challenges. As they navigate through legal battles and maintain their influential positions, their stories continue to unfold, reflecting the intricate balance between personal relationships and professional responsibilities.

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