Ricki Lake Weight Loss, How Did Ricki Lake Achieve Her Remarkable Weight Loss?

Ricki Lake recently made headlines, not just for her weight loss, but for the way she’s decided to celebrate it: by getting back into swimsuits and dresses from her past, and highlighting her achievements and progress. At the age of 55, presenter of talk shows proudly stood in the same outfit she wore 17 years ago, at her debut on “The Business of Being Born.” The Instagram photo caption showed her pride and satisfaction, captioned with a fun “Oh, this old thing?? Just had it hanging around.”

Lake has been transparent about her process of losing weight and has revealed that she didn’t use medications, despite a physician’s advice that it was essential to succeed. Instead, she accepted the challenge with ease, driven by the desire to prove that she could do it without any pharmaceutical assistance. This determination was emphasized in the interview in “Good Morning America” (GMA) during which she revealed that her motivation for doing so stemmed from having been told she couldn’t do it without it, which fueled her determination to achieve the health and fitness goals she had set for herself.

What Role Did Her Personal Life Play in Her Weight Loss Journey?

Ricki Lake’s private life especially relationships with her husband Ross Burningham, played an important role in her transformation to a healthier lifestyle. Lake acknowledges her union and her common goal of working together with Burningham as a key factor in her weight loss efforts. The couple began the journey together, driven by their shared happiness in addition to the wish to enhance their overall health. When they appeared on GMA, Lake expressed that If there was anything that was not working in their happy life that it was the weight they carried. The shared commitment to each other not only strengthened their bonds but also increased their passion.

How Has Ricki Lake Celebrated Her Fitness Milestones?

Lake’s approach to celebration of her loss in weight has proved different and visually stunning. She has often chosen to highlight her progress by putting on older clothes that she has kept throughout the many years. These aren’t just personal achievements, but they are also posted on social media accounts, acting as an inspiration to many. In the past year she posted a photo of herself in a swimming suit which she had worn for the cover in Us Weekly in 2007. Re-visiting her outfit is a powerful testimony to her life and is a testimony to the long-lasting impact of her determination.


Ricki Lake’s story of weight loss involves determination, genuine determination, and the strength of a strong partnership. The way she celebrates her achievements–reinforcing meaningful outfits of her previous life into the current wardrobe–does more than showcase the physical changes she has experienced and showcases her emotional and mental improvement. Lake’s story serves as a powerful reminder that health goals for one’s self can be achieved with perseverance with support and a willingness to take on obstacles.

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