Pat Sajak Wife, Meet His 35-Year Wife A Marriage Of Decades

Pat Sajak, renowned host of “Wheel of Fortune,” has been married to Lesly Brown for nearly as long as he has hosted the show. The couple met in 1988 through mutual friends, six years after Sajak began his iconic role. At the time, Brown was 23 and Sajak was 42. Their initial meeting at a California sports bar was unremarkable, with both recalling a lack of immediate romantic sparks. Despite the lack of initial attraction, their platonic relationship blossomed over time.

Lesly Brown’s Background

Lesly Brown’s career and educational background are noteworthy. She studied television production at the University of Maryland, graduating in 1986. Before meeting Sajak, she worked as a model, earning recognition in Playboy’s “Women of Washington” issue and being named “Miss Georgetown.” Today, Brown is a professional photographer based in Severna Park, Maryland, where the family primarily resides.

Developing Feelings

After their first meeting, Sajak and Brown maintained a platonic relationship, talking frequently on the phone. By the spring of 1989, their conversations had deepened, and they began to realize their feelings for each other. Neither wanted to make the first move, but it became clear that their relationship was evolving beyond friendship.

A Turning Point

A pivotal moment in their relationship occurred when Brown appeared on a reality series called “The Dating Show.” She won a trip to Mexico with the bachelor who chose her, which made Sajak realize how much he cared for her. Jealous and annoyed, Sajak recognized that Brown was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. He proposed to her that summer, and they married on New Year’s Eve in Annapolis, Maryland.

Family Life

Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown have two children, Maggie and Patrick. Both children have made appearances on “Wheel of Fortune,” sharing in their father’s television legacy. Despite their public personas, the Sajak family maintains a private life. Brown has consistently supported her husband, attending significant events such as his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 1994 and the 35th anniversary party for “Wheel of Fortune” in 2017.

Pat Sajak’s Retirement

In June 2023, Sajak announced his retirement from “Wheel of Fortune,” effective a year later. As his final show on June 7, 2024, approached, Sajak reflected on his career and future. In a video shared with Good Morning America, he expressed his excitement for the next chapter of his life. Sajak mentioned he was open to new projects but also content with the idea of spending more time with his family, enjoying simple pleasures like crossword puzzles and playing with future grandchildren.

A Private Yet Public Relationship

The relationship between Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown exemplifies a balance between public life and private commitment. While Sajak’s career in television made him a household name, he and Brown have managed to keep much of their personal life out of the spotlight. This balance has allowed them to build a strong, enduring marriage despite the pressures of fame.

Supporting Each Other

Throughout their decades-long marriage, Brown’s support has been a constant for Sajak. Her presence at various events and her role in maintaining a stable home life have been crucial. Sajak has often credited Brown for her unwavering support, acknowledging that their relationship has been a cornerstone of his personal and professional stability.

Looking Forward

As Sajak transitions into retirement, he looks forward to a future filled with family and relaxation. His comments to his daughter Maggie hint at a desire for grandchildren, showcasing his readiness to embrace this new chapter. Whether through new projects or simple family moments, Sajak’s post-retirement life promises to be fulfilling and rewarding.


Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown’s relationship is a testament to enduring love and mutual support. From their initial meeting through mutual friends to their present-day family life, their story is one of growth, commitment, and shared experiences. As Sajak steps away from the spotlight of “Wheel of Fortune,” he does so with the support of a loving family and a partner who has been by his side through it all. This next chapter in their lives is set to be as enriching and memorable as the years that preceded it.

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