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Ryan Garcia, an established figure in boxing circles, tested positive for banned substances after his April 20 fight with Devin Haney on April 20. Garcia won via 12-round majority decision against Haney; however, that victory has since become overshadowed by this scandalous issue.

What was Golden Boy’s Response?

Golden Boy Promotions, Ryan Garcia’s promoters, quickly issued a response following positive drug tests for Ryan. They expressed confidence in Garcia’s claims of innocence by noting that he denied using banned substances and pledged their assistance with further investigating these events leading up to positive test results.

How Is Garcia Protecting Himself?

Ryan Garcia remains unwavering in his assertions that he has not consumed any banned substances and suspects the possibility of sabotage, suggesting someone might attempt to discredit and ruin his recent victory and reputation. Garcia’s camp is working towards gathering evidence in support of these claims in order to clear their name and restore credibility for Ryan.

What Are My Potential Outcomes?

If the ongoing investigation fails to uncover any wrongdoing on Garcia’s part, charges against him could be expunged and his win over Haney remain valid; on the other hand, evidence suggesting use of banned substances by Garcia could result in suspension, fines and additional sanctions being levied against him.

What Is Garcia’s Reputation?

No matter the outcome of his investigation, Ryan Garcia may already be suffering as his reputation takes a beating from fans in boxing who may perceive guilt regardless of evidence against them. This situation highlights a larger problem regarding managing reputation in sports: where accusations can often cause lasting damage regardless of truth.

How Will This Affect the Boxing Industry?

This incident casts a shadow not only over Garcia’s career but also on boxing’s struggle against doping, prompting questions regarding current drug testing protocols and measures put in place to ensure fair play and ensure integrity within boxing remains an ongoing topic of scrutiny.


Ryan Garcia’s legal, ethical, and reputational challenges present complex dilemmas. All eyes will be watching for how the investigation unfolds as investigations take place and its findings and their consequences for Garcia, Golden Boy Promotions, and boxing as an industry. No matter its outcome, however, this episode serves as a timely reminder that athletes must strike an equilibrium between performance and integrity when living under public scrutiny.

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