Novak Djokovic Wife, Early Beginnings and High School Romance

Jelena Djokovic, formerly known as Jelena Ristic, has been a significant presence in Novak Djokovic’s life long before the world knew him as one of tennis’s greatest champions. Their story began in high school in their native Serbia, where they first met and started dating. This early connection laid the foundation for a relationship that would endure the challenges of a burgeoning sports career and long-distance separation.

During their high school years, Jelena and Novak bonded over their shared experiences and aspirations. Despite their young age, they displayed remarkable dedication and resilience, which would later become a hallmark of their relationship. Their love story blossomed amidst the pressures of academic and athletic commitments, proving that their connection was both genuine and enduring.

Educational Pursuits and Early Career

While Novak’s tennis career was beginning to take off, Jelena pursued her academic dreams with equal fervor. Determined to receive a quality education, she worked tirelessly to secure scholarships that would enable her to study abroad. Her hard work paid off when she was accepted to Bocconi University in Milan, where she specialized in luxury brand management.

Balancing a long-distance relationship with her demanding studies, Jelena demonstrated the same level of commitment and discipline that Novak exhibited on the tennis court. Despite the financial and logistical challenges, they found creative ways to stay connected, often devising elaborate plans to meet up during breaks in their schedules.

Marriage and Family Life

After years of dating, Novak and Jelena got engaged in 2013 in Monte Carlo, where Novak was living at the time. Their wedding followed in 2014, just a week after Novak secured his second Wimbledon title. The intimate ceremony took place in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, surrounded by close family and friends. Their marriage marked the beginning of a new chapter, filled with love, support, and shared dreams.

Shortly after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, Stefan Djokovic, in October 2014. Their daughter, Tara Djokovic, was born in September 2017. The Djokovic family also includes two beloved poodles, Pierre and Tesla, who are frequently featured on Jelena’s Instagram. Balancing motherhood with her other responsibilities, Jelena has become a source of strength and inspiration for her family.

Humanitarian Efforts

Jelena’s commitment to humanitarian causes is another significant aspect of her life. She serves as the National Director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, an organization founded by Novak and his family in 2007. The foundation focuses on providing early childhood education to disadvantaged children in Serbia, aiming to create better opportunities and a brighter future for the next generation.

Her role in the foundation has allowed Jelena to channel her passion for philanthropy into meaningful action. She has worked tirelessly to expand the foundation’s reach and impact, ensuring that more children have access to quality education and resources. Her dedication to this cause reflects her deep-seated belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities.

A Supportive Partner

Jelena’s unwavering support for Novak is evident in her frequent presence at his matches and her heartfelt social media posts celebrating his achievements. She has stood by him through triumphs and setbacks, providing emotional and moral support that has undoubtedly contributed to his success. Her ability to balance her own career aspirations with her role as a supportive partner and mother is a testament to her strength and versatility.

Jelena has often spoken about the importance of maintaining a balance between showing support and managing her own emotions during Novak’s matches. She understands the need to stay composed to avoid distracting him, whether she is cheering from the stands or watching from home. Her thoughtful approach underscores the deep respect and understanding that defines their relationship.

Active and Adventurous Lifestyle

In addition to her humanitarian work and family responsibilities, Jelena maintains an active and adventurous lifestyle. She frequently shares glimpses of her fitness routines and outdoor activities on social media. From hiking summits in Spain to practicing Capoeira, Jelena’s commitment to physical fitness is evident.

Her active lifestyle is not only a personal passion but also a way to stay connected with Novak, who shares her love for the outdoors and physical challenges. Together, they embark on various adventures, creating memories and strengthening their bond through shared experiences.

Celebrating Novak’s Achievements

Jelena’s pride in Novak’s accomplishments is palpable. She has celebrated his major victories, including his 23rd Grand Slam title at the French Open in June 2023 and his historic 24th Grand Slam win at the US Open later that year. Her heartfelt tributes and public displays of affection highlight the deep love and admiration she has for her husband.

Her support extends beyond the tennis court, as she celebrates his milestones and achievements in life as well. Jelena’s ability to balance her roles as a wife, mother, and professional with grace and dedication makes her an integral part of Novak’s journey and success.


Jelena Djokovic is a remarkable woman whose life story is intertwined with one of the greatest tennis players in history. From their early days in high school to their life together as a married couple and parents, Jelena’s journey is marked by love, dedication, and resilience. Her contributions to humanitarian causes, her unwavering support for Novak, and her commitment to an active and fulfilling life make her a true partner and an inspiration in her own right.

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