Noor Alfallah Dating History & What Caused Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino’s Relationship?

Noor Alfallah, a 30-year-old Kuwaiti producer has attracted significant media coverage not only due to her professional achievements but also because of the relationships with some of Hollywood’s most well-known and older men, from Mick Jagger and Al Pacino – her dating history is as distinguished as her professional achievements! Here is an in-depth exploration into these relationships as well as notable moments from Noor’s life!

Who Is Noor Alfallah?

Noor Alfallah was born December 2nd 1993 to a Kuwaiti father and American mother and later raised in Beverly Hills California, she studied filmmaking at USC’s Cinematic School of Arts where she also obtained a masters in Film/TV Producing from UCLA.

What Are Noor Alfallah’s Professional Accomplishments?

Noor Alfallah began her film production career with 2018 TV short Brosa Nostra, exploring fraternity life. Following this project she went on to produce La Petite Mort and later Billy Knight featuring Al Pacino, Charlie Heaton and Diana Silvers among its star cast – Noor’s professional journey has proven that her commitment and abilities as an industry professional.

How Did Noor Alfallah and Mick Jagger Meet?

In 2017, Noor Alfallah’s relationship with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones made headlines. Although their age difference is significant, Alfallah described their time spent together fondly as her first serious romance. Their engagement eventually came to an amicable conclusion in March 2018 though she still fondly recalls them both fondly today.

What Was Noor Alfallah’s Reported Relationship With Clint Eastwood?

In January 2019 when Alfallah was photographed alongside Clint Eastwood, sparking romantic speculations and sparking further media reports of romantic involvement between them, Alfallah quickly debunked those rumors to Daily Mail by clarifying they were simply family friends; she furthered stating her parents and other close family were present during any public appearances they made together, dispelling any notion of romantic attraction between them.

How Did Noor Alfallah’s Relationship With Nicolas Berggruen Develop?

After her split with Jagger, Alfallah became linked with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen in 2018. They could often be found together at events and shared an intense closeness, with Alfallah even calling Berggruen her “partner in crime” online. Reportedly lasting until 2021 but concurrent with her involvement with Al Pacino at that point.

What Caused Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino’s Relationship?

In 2020, Noor Alfallah began dating Al Pacino – best known for his roles in The Godfather and Scarface – despite their 53-year age difference. Their romance bloomed due to their shared appreciation of film; Alfallah told Vogue Arabia in an interview how their romance developed through daily interactions, playing chess together, watching movies together, etc. They first went public with their relationship in April 2022.

How Has Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino Evolved?

In June 2023, Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino welcomed their first child Roman Pacino. Despite initial speculation regarding the couple’s status post-birth, sources confirmed they remained together with Alfallah having primary physical custody of Roman Pacino but sharing joint legal custody; Al Pacino agreed to pay $30,000 monthly child support due to personal difficulties within their relationship.

What Does Noor Alfallah’s Current Relationship Status Look Like?

As of 2024, Noor Alfallah appears to be single, having recently parted ways with Al Pacino; they continue co-parenting Roman, though without romantic involvement between the pair. Alfallah continues her film production career while keeping a low-key public presence regarding any details regarding her personal life.


Noor Alfallah’s dating history speaks volumes of her connections within Hollywood’s most notable figures. From her initial romance with Mick Jagger to recent engagement with Al Pacino, Noor Alfallah’s relationships have often made headlines and brought headlines of their own. Alfallah maintains a balanced approach between professional film production aspirations and personal relationships marked by high-profile romances while remaining dedicated to family values; she remains an iconic presence within the entertainment world today.

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