Nicole Kidman Children, Know What are Nicole Kidman’s children?

Nicole Kidman is a revered actor and mother who has four beautiful children. Kidman and her ex-husband Tom Cruise share two adopted children, Isabella Jane (also known as Bella) and Connor. She has two biological children, Sunday Rose, and Faith Margaret, with her husband Keith Urban.

What do we know about Bella and Connor

Bella was taken in by Kidman and Cruise soon after her December 22, 1992 birth. Bella grew up largely away from the spotlight, following a similar creative path to her mother but in a completely different field. She graduated from Delmar Academy of Make-up and Hair, in West London and then ventured into fashion designing. Bella, despite her low-profile personality, maintains an active Instagram account where she displays her personal style and art. She surprised her fans with a dark brunette shag hairstyle complete with bangs.

Connor was born in Florida on January 17, 95. Kidman and Cruise adopted him during their marriage. Connor, who was born in Florida on January 17, 1995, chose to live a more quiet life within a Scientology group after their separation. His sister also took this path. Connor is a deep-sea fisherman, a hobby that allows him to stay connected with nature and friends in Florida.

How has motherhood shaped Kidman?

Nicole Kidman has experienced her share of joys as well as challenges in motherhood. Kidman and Cruise adopted after enduring fertility problems and suffering a devastating early loss. Kidman expressed in interviews her love of mothering and her desire to have more children. In her words about her children she shows her nurturing side, highlighting the joy and love they bring to her life.

Kidman welcomed Sunday Rose in Nashville, Tennessee, on 7 July 2008 with Keith Urban. Kidman’s dad suggested the name “Sunday” and it was inspired by Sunday Reed an Australian patron of arts. The name also reflects their favorite day of week and gives a personal touch for their daughter. Faith Margaret was born via surrogate in Nashville on December 28, 2010. She completed their family. Both girls have a taste for the entertainment industry, as they’ve appeared in their mother’s projects and at public events.

How does Kidman manage her family’s privacy?

Kidman, despite her fame and prominence, has always kept her daughters’ private lives. Sunday and Faith, however, have appeared in the spotlight on occasion, most notably as extras in Kidman’s hit HBO show Big Little Lies, and lending their voice to Angry Birds 2. Kidman values her children’s privacy and individuality, letting them decide how much public attention they want to have.


Nicole Kidman’s family is her foundation. She has shown her love and acceptance through both biological and adopted children. The diversity in her family’s composition and geography–from Bella’s artistic pursuits in the UK to Connor’s serene life in Florida, and from Sunday and Faith’s budding interests in Nashville–illustrates the broad spectrum of Kidman’s maternal influence. Nicole Kidman prioritizes her role as mother through the highs and lows of life, making sure that her children feel valued and loved. Kidman, who balances motherhood with her career, continues to demonstrate grace, strength and an unwavering dedication to her family.

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