Nava Mau Gender, Family, Career & More

Nava Mau, born on May 14, 1992, in Mexico City, is an accomplished actress, writer, director, and producer. Her work spans various facets of entertainment, with a focus on illuminating the stories of marginalized communities. Prior to her entry into the film industry, Mau pursued her education in Paris and conducted research in Guadalajara, Mexico. She later graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California, with a BA in Linguistics & Cognitive Science.

What Inspired Mau’s Short Film, Waking Hour?

In 2019, Nava Mau created the short film Waking Hour, a project that she not only starred in but also wrote, directed, and produced. The film tells the story of Sofia, a young transgender woman who navigates the complexities of romance and personal safety after meeting a cisgender man named Isaac at a party. Mau drew heavily from her own life experiences, particularly her early encounters dating straight, cisgender men. She aimed to highlight the often-overlooked power of personal choice in relationships, a theme she found deeply resonant based on her own journey.

How Did Nava Mau Start Her Acting Career?

Mau’s acting career gained significant momentum with her involvement in live sketch comedy and the play Drawing the Shades during her college years. This play, which focused on survivors of sexual assault, showcased Mau’s commitment to bringing sensitive and impactful stories to the stage. Her dedication to storytelling soon transitioned to the screen with Waking Hour, available to watch on Vimeo, marking a pivotal step in her career.

What is Mau’s Role in Genera+ion?

In 2021, Nava Mau joined the main cast of HBO’s Genera+ion (styled as Genera+ion). She portrayed Ana, the aunt of one of the show’s teenage characters, Greta. The casting process for this role was unconventional; Mau received an Instagram direct message offering her an audition while she was couch-surfing in Los Angeles. Despite initial suspicions due to the informal and typo-ridden nature of the message, it turned out to be a legitimate offer. Mau’s portrayal of Ana allowed her to explore the unique and dynamic relationship between Ana and her niece, highlighting the complexities of identity and family.

What are Nava Mau’s Views on Directing and Acting?

Nava Mau’s passion for both acting and directing is evident. During the creation of Waking Hour, she discovered a deep love for directing, though she currently prioritizes acting. Mau finds fulfillment in both roles, often switching between them depending on her project’s demands. She has expressed that while acting brings her immediate joy, directing is what she envisions feeding her soul in the long run. This dual interest allows her to bring a multifaceted perspective to her work in the entertainment industry.

How Does Nava Mau Advocate for LGBTQ+ and Social Justice?

Beyond her creative endeavors, Nava Mau is a fervent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and social justice. Her involvement spans roles such as peer counselor, legal assistant, and advocate for queer youth. Mau’s commitment to cultural and political work often intersects with her creative projects. She emphasizes the importance of integrating frameworks from her cultural work into her film and TV projects, aiming to foster cultural change within the industry.

What Are Mau’s Current and Future Plans?

At 31, Nava Mau continues to balance her acting and directing careers while staying true to her mission of advocating for marginalized communities. She remains active in public speaking and engages in anti-violence, healing justice, and political education initiatives. Mau’s future projects will likely continue to reflect her dedication to social justice and her passion for storytelling, as she aims to bring more visibility and resources to underrepresented voices in the film industry.

Nava Mau’s journey from a student in Paris to a prominent figure in the entertainment industry illustrates her resilience and dedication to her craft and community. Her work not only entertains but also educates and inspires, making her a significant voice in contemporary media.

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