Michael Mosley Missing Greece, Renowned BBC Presenter Missing

Dr. Michael Mosley, a 67-year-old former medical doctor and well-known BBC presenter, has gone missing during a coastal walk on the Greek island of Symi. Dr. Mosley, recognized for his appearances on shows such as “This Morning,” “The One Show,” and “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” on BBC Two, was last seen on Wednesday at lunchtime.

Search Begins

Senior Greek police spokesperson Constantina Dimoglidou confirmed that searches for Dr. Mosley commenced early on Thursday morning. Despite extensive efforts, no trace of him has been found. Dr. Mosley was last seen at St. Nicholas Beach, where he had been with another couple. He left the beach around 1:30 p.m. to return to his home in the area of Pedi of Symi but forgot his phone.

No Leads

The police spokesperson stated that all attempts to locate Dr. Mosley have been unsuccessful. Emergency services are exploring “every potential scenario,” including the possibility that he might have slipped, tripped, or been bitten by a snake. The fire brigade has been called in to assist in the search operations.

Wife’s Alarm

Dr. Mosley’s wife, Dr. Claire Bailey Mosley, raised the alarm when he failed to return from his hike. Dr. Bailey Mosley, also a medical professional, has been actively involved in the efforts to locate her husband. She reported his disappearance promptly, leading to the initiation of the search and rescue mission.

Advanced Search

A post on a local Facebook group revealed that search and rescue teams from Athens were being deployed to the island. These teams are equipped with drones and other advanced technology to extend the search. They were expected to arrive by 1 p.m. on Thursday, bringing hope for more comprehensive search capabilities.

Public Appeal

The Facebook post included a picture of Dr. Mosley wearing shorts, a blue polo shirt, and a baseball cap. The appeal urged locals and tourists to look out for him, describing the situation and the concern of his friends. The post highlighted Dr. Mosley’s familiarity to many British people due to his prominent media presence.

Career Highlights

Dr. Mosley is renowned for his diet and exercise documentaries, including Channel 4’s “Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat?” He has also gained recognition for his unconventional approach to science, exemplified by his six-week stint living with tapeworms for the documentary “Infested! Living With Parasites” on BBC Four.

Diet Advocate

A strong advocate for intermittent fasting, Dr. Mosley is well-known for promoting the 5:2 diet and The Fast 800 diet. He regularly contributes columns to the Daily Mail, sharing his insights and advice on health and wellness. His influence extends beyond television, impacting public health discussions and personal lifestyle choices.

Emmy Nominee

Dr. Mosley’s contributions to science communication have earned him an Emmy nod for the BBC science documentary “The Human Face.” This documentary, presented by John Cleese, featured notable personalities such as Elizabeth Hurley, Pierce Brosnan, and David Attenborough, exploring the complexities and beauty of the human face.

Family Life

Dr. Mosley and Dr. Claire Bailey Mosley have four children. Dr. Bailey Mosley is also an accomplished author and health columnist, having written the recipe book “Fast 800 Easy.” The couple recently attended the Hay Festival, where Dr. Mosley presented a special edition of his BBC Radio 4 podcast “Just One Thing.”

Ongoing Efforts

As the search continues, authorities remain committed to finding Dr. Mosley. The deployment of search and rescue teams with drones and advanced equipment underscores the seriousness of the situation. The local community, as well as Dr. Mosley’s fans and colleagues, are anxiously awaiting any updates on his whereabouts.

Community Support

The outpouring of support and concern from both the local community and the broader public highlights Dr. Mosley’s impact as a media personality and health advocate. His disappearance has prompted widespread attention, with many hoping for a swift and positive resolution to the situation.


The disappearance of Dr. Michael Mosley has prompted a large-scale search operation on the Greek island of Symi. With advanced search efforts underway and continuous community support, there is hope that Dr. Mosley will be found safe. The commitment of the Greek authorities and the support from Athens search teams reflect the collective effort to locate the missing TV doctor.

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