Michael Crichton Wife, Examine Everything About Sherri & Kids

In 2008, the literary and cinematic world lost a giant when Michael Crichton, the mastermind behind classics like “Jurassic Park,” “The Andromeda Strain,” and “Westworld,” succumbed to cancer. At the time of his death, his wife, Sherri, was pregnant with their son, John Michael Todd Crichton. Since then, Sherri has made it her mission to honor and preserve her late husband’s legacy for their son. A significant part of her efforts is the release of “Eruption,” a novel co-written with James Patterson, set to hit the shelves on June 3.

Completing Crichton’s Work

Michael Crichton left behind an unfinished manuscript of “Eruption,” a novel he started in 1994 and worked on intermittently over the next 14 years. Sherri spent 15 years searching for the right collaborator to complete her husband’s final project. She ultimately chose James Patterson, a prolific thriller writer known for his ability to create gripping narratives. Patterson, famous for works such as “Along Came a Spider” and “Kiss the Girls,” was deemed by Sherri as the perfect person to bring Crichton’s vision to life.

Setting the Scene

“Eruption” takes readers to the Big Island of Hawaii, where a historic volcanic event looms large. However, the natural disaster is not the only threat; a man-made force promises even greater destruction. The story, a testament to Crichton’s ability to weave science and suspense, was of great importance to him, and Sherri believes he would be proud to see it completed and published.

“Jim did such an extraordinary job,” Sherri told PEOPLE magazine. “I think this is a story that clearly was important to Michael, and it is undeserving of sitting in a file. He would be very excited that it’s out and being told with such an incredible partner as Jim.”

A Son’s Inheritance

John Michael Jr., now 16, shares his mother’s enthusiasm for the book. Sherri has always fostered his interest in his father’s work, ensuring that Michael Crichton’s legacy remains a vibrant part of their lives. She recalls a poignant moment when John Michael was about eight years old. As they drove down Santa Monica Boulevard, they saw buses adorned with advertisements for “Westworld” and “Jurassic Park.” Sherri pointed out to her son, “John Michael, do you see this? This is your father!” These moments reinforce the enduring impact of Michael Crichton’s work.

Establishing the Archives

To further honor her late husband’s legacy, Sherri established the Official Crichton Archives. This initiative aims to preserve Michael’s extensive body of work and ensure that his contributions to literature and film are remembered. “When we took our vows in Hawaii, it was as partners for life,” Sherri explains. “I feel like now I’ve continued to be his partner, though he’s not here physically. We can be partners raising our son because Michael is just a plethora of information and knowledge.”

Balancing Life and Legacy

While John Michael Jr. is currently preoccupied with typical teenage concerns like finals and summer vacation, Sherri makes sure that Michael’s legacy is always within reach. She emphasizes the importance of their children understanding their father’s work and the motivations behind it. Michael Crichton also has a daughter, Taylor Anne, from a previous marriage, born in 1989. Sherri believes it is crucial for both children to grasp the depth and breadth of their father’s accomplishments.

A Lasting Impact

Michael Crichton’s influence on modern storytelling remains profound. His books continue to be popular, and his films have become cultural touchstones. “Jurassic Park” is a timeless classic, and “Westworld” has been successfully adapted into a popular television series. James Patterson, with his deep respect for Crichton’s work, was the ideal partner to complete “Eruption.” Patterson’s prolific career and ability to craft compelling narratives ensured that Crichton’s final work would be brought to life with the care and detail it deserved.

A Labor of Love

Sherri’s collaboration with Patterson was driven by a deep desire to honor her husband’s legacy. She wanted to ensure that “Eruption” was completed with the same excitement and precision that Michael would have brought to it. “Jim did such an extraordinary job,” she said. “I think this is a story that clearly was important to Michael.”

Inspiring the Next Generation

John Michael Jr. is inspired by his father’s work and the legacy he has inherited. Sherri’s dedication to preserving Michael’s legacy has instilled in him a strong sense of his father’s achievements. “I’ve always worked really hard on Michael’s legacy and in the archive, pulling all these pieces together,” Sherri explains. “John Michael knows the meaning behind this book.”

Looking Forward

“Eruption,” set to be released by Little, Brown and Company on June 3, is available for preorder now. This final novel from Michael Crichton promises to be a thrilling addition to his remarkable body of work, ensuring that his legacy continues to captivate and inspire future generations.

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