Luka Modrić Net Worth, Career, Bio, Endorsements, Business & More

Luka Modric was born September 9, 1985, in Zadar, Croatia and has become one of the foremost midfielders of his generation. His journey from war-ravaged childhood to international stardom stands as an inspiring testimony of both his indomitable spirit and extraordinary talent.

What Is Luka Modric’s Net Worth?

In 2024, Luka Modric estimated his estimated net worth was an estimated $90 Million based on his high salaries from clubs like Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur as well as an impressive endorsement portfolio.

How Did Modric Acquire His Wealth?

Luka Modric’s football salary has long been one of the primary sources of his income. While at Real Madrid he earns approximately $22.5 million annually, prior contracts with Tottenham Hotspur brought around $7 million per annum due to the great value placed upon his abilities.


Modric earns around $5 Million each year through endorsement deals with major brands like Nike (he has an exclusive lifetime deal with them), Huawei, Sony PlayStation, Hublot Red Bull and American Tourister.

Investments and Business Ventures

Modric has made sound real estate investments, including purchasing an $8 Million house in Madrid as well as several properties across Croatia and funding tech startups. He also runs his own Football Academy to support young talent development.

What Are Luka Modric’s Career Highlights?

Luka Modric has had an extraordinary career. At Real Madrid, he won multiple UEFA Champions League and La Liga championships as an integral player. Internationally for Croatia he led them all the way to glory while winning their inaugural FIFA World Cup trophy and taking home its Golden Ball award – making this remarkable player an icon in modern sport history!

How Has Modric Impacted Football?

Modric’s influence goes far beyond his playmaking and technical talents; his resilience, leadership skills, and performance under pressure have become inspirational to young athletes all around the globe. Croatia and Real Madrid success stories feature his contributions, garnering him an esteemed place in history as a football icon.

What Is Modric’s Legacy in Football?

As Luka Modric approaches his final years as a professional player, his legacy as an inspirational figure already seems assured. From practicing among war sounds as a child all the way to reaching football’s pinnacle as an adult – his journey is one that epitomises triumph and perseverance and should serve as an uplifting example to others who face similar hardship. Not only has Modric shown extraordinary athletic ability but has inspired millions with his journey.

What Are Luka Modric’s Future Prospects?

Luka Modric’s prospects remain promising both on and off the field, regardless of his playing days being up. His influence is expected to endure through coaching, mentoring and charitable contributions while his business ventures and endorsement deals likely flourish after retiring his boots.


Luka Modric’s career story is one of extraordinary triumph over hardship, marked by remarkable accomplishments and significant impactful on football. With an estimated net worth of over $90 Million due to both his playing prowess as well as off field acumen; Modric remains an inspiring reminder that hard work, dedication and resilience can get one far.

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