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Tori Spelling, 50, took to Instagram on Friday evening in response to recent events regarding Dean McDermott, 56, her estranged spouse. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” alumni shared an inspiring quote: “The calmer you are the clearer your thinking becomes” This came shortly after McDermott was seen holding hands with another woman earlier this week in Los Angeles.

McDermott Announces New Relationship

Dean McDermott and Lily Calo were photographed together as they entered Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Social Services on Tuesday. Though details surrounding their relationship remain unknown, first spotted together publicly last week they have since become closer. Calo is employed at Conscious Community Global (CCG), an organization where McDermott works. Their business connection seems to have transitioned into something personal – sparking questions as to when their romance began.

Announcement and Subsequent Break-up

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s relationship has long been subject to public scrutiny, with rumors of its collapse surfacing well before an official announcement was made. McDermott took to Instagram in June to confirm their separation after 17 years of marriage: “With great sadness and heavy hearts that after 18 years together and 5 amazing children we have decided to part ways, and start new journeys separately,” wrote McDermott – later deleted as per McDermott’s bio which still states he is “Married to @ToriSpelling.”

Co-Parenting Commitment

Although they had decided to end their marriage, McDermott expressed his commitment to co-parenting their five children: Liam (16), Stella (15), Hattie (12) Finn (11), and Beau (06). According to Spelling’s accounts, McDermott’s announcement came as an unexpected shock as they have both been dealing with emotional and logistical challenges associated with separation.

Post-Split Challenges

Since their separation, life has not been easy for Spelling and her children. Financial struggles have compounded the difficulties associated with their separation; Spelling eventually moved her family out of their home after discovering toxic mold in it – adding extra strain on an actress already reeling from emotional anguish over her marriage ending.

Public Reactions and Future Outlooks

The public has closely followed Spelling and McDermott’s lives over recent weeks, showing support for Spelling as she faces difficult circumstances, while McDermott’s recent relationship and public outings with Lily Calo has raised both speculation and criticism of their situation. To date, neither Spelling nor McDermott have made further public statements via their respective social media accounts.

Financial Difficulties

Spelling’s financial difficulties have long been reported on. According to reports, she has faced considerable difficulties for several years due to personal upheavals such as toxic mold in her home which forced her to relocate with her family into hotels and RVs – both logistical challenges that put an additional strain on her finances.

Navigating Co-Parenting

Spelling and McDermott remain dedicated to their children despite any challenges associated with co-parenting in public view, emphasizing the importance of providing their offspring with an environment conducive to healthy development and prioritizing their needs above any others.

As Spelling navigates this challenging period, she remains focused on her family and career goals. A recent Instagram post indicates her intention of maintaining an optimistic and measured approach as she heads forward – fans remain hopeful that Spelling can find stability and joy in her next chapter of life.

Tori Spelling’s Instagram post shows her attempts at maintaining equilibrium during her divorce proceedings from Dean McDermott. The public remains vigilant as both parties try to adapt to new realities – co-parenting their children while moving forward with personal lives – facing many hurdles along their journey together. Together they remain dedicated to achieving the best outcome for their family unit.

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