Lainey Wilson Husband, Super Private Love Life.

Country star and Yellowstone actress Lainey Wilson, aged 32, has officially confirmed her romantic relationship with former Pittsburgh Steelers player Devlin “Duck” Hodges, aged 28, after years of keeping her personal life under wraps. The couple made their relationship public at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023, solidifying their two-year-long romance in the spotlight. While Lainey does not have children, her career has been her primary focus, leading her to Nashville to pursue her dreams, where she has significantly increased her net worth through her music and acting endeavors.

Red Carpet Debut

After much speculation and fan theorizing, Lainey Wilson and Devlin Hodges chose the bright lights of the ACM Awards to go public with their relationship. This move came after two years of dating, a fact Wilson revealed during a June 2023 interview on The Bobby Bones Show. Despite her rising fame, Wilson had previously kept her dating life private. However, the couple’s appearance together on the red carpet not only confirmed their relationship but also highlighted their mutual support for each other’s careers.

Lainey’s choice to make her relationship public signifies a new openness in her life, which aligns with her growing confidence both on stage and on screen. As she navigates her dual careers in music and acting, having a partner who understands the pursuit of big dreams is something Wilson values deeply. Hodges, having chased his own professional sports dreams, fits seamlessly into this narrative, offering support without overshadowing her pursuits.

Supportive Partnerships

The relationship between Wilson and Hodges appears built on mutual respect and support, qualities that Wilson cherishes. In her interview with The Bobby Bones Show, she emphasized Hodges’ understanding and encouragement of her career, describing him as “good as gold.” This kind of partnership is particularly valuable in the entertainment industry, where the pressures and schedules can strain personal relationships.

Their supportive dynamic is not only about celebrating successes but also about handling the challenges that come with public lives. Hodges’ background in professional sports allows him to empathize with the scrutiny Wilson faces as her career continues to ascend. This empathy likely forms a cornerstone of their relationship, providing a foundation of understanding and mutual respect.

Chasing Dreams

Before her relationship with Hodges, Wilson had ended a long-term relationship with her high-school sweetheart to fully commit to her music career in Nashville. This decision, as she recounted in a 2021 interview with PEOPLE, was crucial for her personal and professional growth. She described the relationship as encompassing much of her life, from friendship to deep emotional support during her formative years. However, her drive to succeed in the competitive Nashville music scene meant prioritizing her career ambitions over her personal life.

This backstory enriches Wilson’s current relationship narrative, demonstrating her evolution not only as an artist but also as an individual. Her ability to make tough decisions for the sake of her career may have also influenced how she approached her relationship with Hodges, ensuring that her professional goals were never compromised.

Future Prospects

As Lainey Wilson and Devlin Hodges continue to build their life together, fans are eager to see how this relationship influences Wilson’s music and public persona. Her songs, known for their heartfelt narratives and authentic country sound, may begin to reflect this new chapter in her life. Additionally, her role on Yellowstone has introduced her to a broader audience, increasing her influence and the public’s interest in her personal story.

The future looks bright for Wilson, with her career on a steady rise and a relationship that complements her aspirations. As she balances life in the public eye with personal happiness, her story may inspire her fans and followers to pursue their dreams with equal fervor, knowing the importance of having a supportive partner by their side. In the world of country music and beyond, Lainey Wilson is poised to continue making waves, both as an artist and as one half of a high-profile couple.

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