Kyrie Irving Wife, Timeline Of Marlene Wilkerson’s Relationships

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson, a blogger known as the Find Guru, have a relationship that’s blossomed both on and off the court since 2018. Their connection, often likened to a marriage, remains officially unconfirmed, yet their bond is unmistakable. Wilkerson has frequently expressed how their relationship has profoundly impacted her, revealing in an August 2023 YouTube video that Irving has helped her confront and heal many of her personal issues.

Relationship Dynamics

Wilkerson describes their relationship as transformative. “In the best way, he tells me about myself, which is very, very uncomfortable. … He would ask questions that ultimately brought light to dark spaces within myself,” she shared. This introspective journey has allowed them to deepen their connection and helped Wilkerson become a better version of herself.

First Public Appearance

The couple first appeared publicly together in December 2018 at Irving’s inaugural Kyrie Invitational, a youth basketball tournament. This sighting fueled rumors about their relationship, but they kept their status private. Despite the public speculation, both remained tight-lipped about their budding romance.

Engagement Speculation

By September 2019, rumors of a secret engagement swirled when Wilkerson was seen at a Brooklyn concert sporting a large diamond ring. The sighting, captured by the Daily Mail, intensified speculation about the couple’s commitment to each other, though they neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Becoming Parents

In June 2021, Irving and Wilkerson welcomed their first child together, a son named Kaire. The couple had kept the pregnancy private until Kaire’s birth. Wilkerson later described the experience of childbirth as the most beautiful and sacred time of her life in a YouTube video. Kaire is Irving’s second child, as he shares an older son with his ex, Andrea Wilson.

Social Media Tributes

Irving frequently shares heartfelt messages about Wilkerson on social media, highlighting the deep bond they share. In August 2022, he posted on Instagram: “Happy Journey around the UNIVERSE, Mama Bear. I love you and I am eternally grateful we get to spend our lives together.” He praised her for teaching him about balance, love, trust, community, and forgiveness, expressing his gratitude for their life together and their journey as parents.

Growing Family

Their family grew once more in October 2022 with the birth of their daughter, Azurie. Irving’s tributes continued as he acknowledged Wilkerson’s growth as a mother and the light she brings into their lives. He expressed his honor in witnessing her motherhood and the joy of experiencing their growth together.

Private Yet Public

While Irving and Wilkerson have shared significant parts of their journey, they’ve also maintained a level of privacy about certain aspects of their relationship. They often refer to each other as “husband and wife,” despite never publicly confirming their legal marital status. This blend of public affection and private intimacy defines their unique relationship.

Support System

Wilkerson has been a steadfast supporter of Irving through various challenges, including his controversial stances and decisions within the NBA. Her unwavering support highlights the strength of their bond and their mutual respect for each other’s individuality and growth.

Shared Interests

Irving and Wilkerson’s relationship extends beyond their personal lives into their shared interests and projects. Wilkerson’s blog, Find Guru, complements Irving’s advocacy for holistic health and well-being, showcasing their aligned values and mutual support for each other’s passions.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Irving and Wilkerson continue to focus on their family and individual growth. Their journey together is a testament to their shared commitment to personal development, mutual support, and unwavering love. As they navigate the complexities of their relationship and public scrutiny, their bond remains strong, reflecting a deep and enduring connection.


Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson’s relationship is a powerful example of love, growth, and mutual support. From their first public appearance to becoming parents, their journey is marked by a deep connection and shared values. As they continue to navigate life together, their story inspires those who witness their unwavering commitment to each other and their family. Their relationship, filled with love and resilience, stands as a testament to the power of partnership and personal transformation.

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