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Popular TV host Kuya Kim Atienza recently found himself at the center of a disturbing online hoax that claimed he had passed away. However, Atienza swiftly took action to set the record straight and dispel the false rumors, leveraging his social media platforms to address the issue head-on.

The Fake Video Spreading Misinformation

The hoax originated from a video circulating on TikTok, falsely claiming that Atienza had already passed away. The video, purportedly from an account posing as GMA Integrated News, featured the company’s name and logo, along with a blue diamond emoji. In the video’s caption, Atienza was bid farewell with the message “Until Again brother Kim,” accompanied by an art card displaying his name, date of birth, and the supposed date of death, June 3, 2024.

Atienza’s Response Fighting Back Against Hoaxes

Taking swift action against the false claims, Atienza shared a screenshot of the TikTok video on his Facebook and Instagram pages, accompanied by the word “HOAX” written in red. In his caption, Atienza succinctly declared, “Nope, not today,” asserting his continued presence and vitality despite the hoax attempting to suggest otherwise. By directly addressing the fake news on his social media platforms, Atienza aimed to quell any concerns or confusion among his followers and supporters.

Outpouring of Support Industry Colleagues Speak Out

Atienza’s response to the death hoax garnered widespread support from his fellow TV personalities and others in the entertainment industry. Actress Rita Daniela expressed her frustration with the fake news account, highlighting the distress caused by its dissemination of false information. Similarly, Ashley Rivera voiced incredulity at the hoax, questioning the motives behind such malicious acts. Gretchen Fullido added her disbelief at the situation, echoing the sentiments of many who found the hoax reprehensible and disturbing.

History of Hoaxes Recurrence of False Claims

This is not the first time Atienza has been the target of a death hoax. In 2020, he faced similar false rumors alleging that he had died in a shooting incident at his home. Atienza promptly addressed these claims on Facebook, reassuring his friends, family, and followers that he was indeed alive and well. The recurrence of such hoaxes underscores the prevalence of fake news and the importance of vigilant fact-checking in today’s digital landscape.

Standing Against Misinformation Atienza’s Resolve

Despite the distress caused by the death hoax, Atienza remains resolute in his commitment to combating misinformation and setting the record straight. By promptly addressing the false claims and leveraging his social media platforms to debunk the hoax, Atienza demonstrates his dedication to truth and transparency. As the digital age continues to present challenges in the spread of misinformation, Atienza’s proactive stance serves as a beacon of integrity and accountability in the media industry.


Kuya Kim Atienza’s swift response to the recent death hoax reaffirms his unwavering commitment to truth and transparency in the face of misinformation. By standing up against fake news and rallying support from his industry colleagues and followers, Atienza sets a powerful example of resilience and integrity in the digital age.

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