Kel Mitchell Ex Wife, Tyisha Hampton Know All About It

Kel Mitchell is an American actor and comedian best known for his appearances as one half of Kenan & Kel on Nickelodeon television show in the 1990s, alongside Kenan Thompson. Since then he has continued working in television both as an actor as well as hosting roles.

What Did Kel Mitchell Reveal About His Exorcist Experience?

Shannon Sharpe hosted an eye-opening episode of Club Shay Shay where Kel Mitchell spoke candidly of his personal exorcism experience and spiritual journey during filming of movie with other actors when an evangelist offered prayers over them. Mitchell disclosed this detail over two hours into interview.

How Did an Exorcism Occur?

Mitchell described witnessing others undergo exorcisms, with instances of “spitting up,” which is frequently depicted as the physical manifestation of evil spirits leaving their bodies, before seeing an evangelical focus his advice specifically on Mitchell to forgive those from his past who he felt wronged him, including specifically naming those he felt were at fault such as an ex-partner he mentioned and forgave. Mitchell reported this process led him to forgiving her as well.

What Triggered Mitchell’s Exorcism?

Mitchell attributes the cause of his exorcism to needing forgiveness: having recently gone through a divorce which he attributes to repeated infidelity, he turned back to faith; following guidance by an evangelist encouraging forgiveness and subsequent prayers led by Mitchell himself he experienced physical manifestations he believed to be demonic spirits exorcising from his body.

What Was Mitchell’s Reaction to Alleged Hex Attacks?

At an exorcism session conducted by an evangelical minister, an unexpected revelation by Mitchell’s ex-wife had placed an “hex” upon him was made by an evangelist; Mitchell found this shocking news particularly moving during their spiritual encounter and instructed to repeat “The Blood of Jesus” for protection and spiritual warfare purposes.

How did Mitchell describe his encounter with spiritual realm?

Mitchell vividly described this experience as one of intense spiritual warfare, feeling demons physically enter his body before expulsion; each demon manifested its identity upon exiting. Mitchell found this profound experience not only affirming but reconnecting him more closely to his religious beliefs than before.

What Impact Did This Experience Have on Mitchell’s Faith?

Exorcism had an enormous effect on Mitchell, both personally and spiritually. Mitchell described the ordeal as lasting about an hour during which time they engaged in what Mitchell termed “warring in the spirit.” Following such a powerful experience, Mitchell expressed unshakeable faith in God as well as renewed spiritual ties.

Kel Mitchell’s account of his exorcism serves as an eye-opener to how profoundly spiritual experiences can impact both individuals in public life, such as himself. By sharing such personal details publicly he illuminated faith, forgiveness and healing as key aspects in his healing journey; no doubt this experience was an important turning point both personally and professionally for Kel.

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