Julio Foolio Yungeen Ace, What Happened to Foolio?

The early morning hours on Monday morning on a Sunday, the hip-hop scene was shocked by the sad announcement of the death by shooting of rapper Foolio. The incident happened around 5:45 a.m. in the Holiday Inn parking lot in Tampa, Florida. Based on reports Foolio suffered a gunshot along with three other people and was the sole victim, causing the world of music shocked by his sudden death.

How Did Yungeen Ace Respond?

In addition to the shock of the death of Foolio was the acts of his rival, Yungeen Ace. Within hours of the news having was announced, Ace released a music video for his latest track, titled “Do It.” While the track does not mention Foolio or refer to his death in any way the timing and aesthetics in the music video caused a stir and led to speculation on the internet. The move has prompted extreme scrutiny and a flurry of comments on Yungeen Ace’s social media platforms which is where critics and fans alike have been trying to figure out the motives behind his actions.

Is There a Connection Between the Video and the Shooting?

“Do It,” the music video “Do It” portrays scenarios that seem to resemble the circumstances that led to the shooting of Foolio, however it does not explicitly mention or apparent connections to the actual incident. The result is a split opinions among fans and some viewing the incident as a random incident, while some argue for an unplanned release strategy for Ace. The video’s unclear nature allows for a wide range of interpretation, and has heightened the ongoing battle narratives that are raging in the rap world.

What is the Background of Their Rivalry?

The rivalry between the Yungeen Ace as well as Foolio is deeply rooted, and marked by personal tragedies as well as public disagreements. In the year 2018, Ace himself was a victim of a brutal assault that caused the deaths of his brother as well as two of his friends. Foolio On his part, had suffered multiple attacks to take his life, such as the incident of 2021 in which his body was struck by a bullet. Another incident occurred in 2022 when he was wounded by a foot. The history of violence led to their rivalry, frequently evident through their songs and in public exchanges.

What Has Been the Police Response?

As of right now, Tampa police haven’t released any details regarding the motives or suspects that led to Foolio’s shooting. The investigation continues and law enforcement officials are likely to be working on numerous leads to discover the mystery surrounding this notable investigation. The absence of any immediate information from the police only adds to the confusion and speculation over the incident.


The release of the Yungeen Ace “Do It” video mere hours after the fatal shooting of Foolio has sparked controversy and heated debate in the hip-hop community as well as beyond. Although the video doesn’t specifically reference the tragic incident but its timing and themes are causing intense debate regarding how the artists’ rivalry developed. The investigation is continuing the music industry is watching attentively, hoping for peace and clarity amid the chaos. The reaction to the video underscores the intricate interaction between art and real-life happenings, and highlights the profound influence of personal stories on the expression of art in the rap world.

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