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Kara Young is a Harlem-born actor, whose nominated for 2024’s Tony Awards marks a significant event for her in Broadway history. Being being the only Black actor to win nominations in three consecutive seasons Young’s accomplishments are an example of her incredible talent and the resurgence of appreciation within the theatre community.

What Roles Led to Her Historic Nominations?

Kara Young’s path to the moment that she is now a part of history began in 2022 when she was nominated for her part in the role of Letitia as played by Lynn Nottage in her production of The Clyde’s. In 2023 she received a second nomination for her portrayal as Jess from Martyna Majok’s Cost of Living. The nomination for 2024 stems from her stellar role as Lutiebelle in Ossie Davis’ The Purlie Victorious: a non-Confederate romp through the Cotton Patch. Every role demonstrated the ability of Young to portray multi-dimensional, complex Black female characters to life demonstrating her range and depth of acting.

What Makes Purlie Victorious Significant?

“Purlie” Victorious premiered on Broadway in 1961, featuring Ossie Davis as well as Ruby Dee in leading roles. It is satirical depiction of identity and race that takes place in the American South. Although it was first performed during the civil rights period it received little acknowledgment, with only one Tony nomination. Godfrey Cambridge.

The 2023 revival has received praise from critics and nominations with one of them being Leslie Odom Jr., who will play Davis’s character as well as another nomination for Young. The revival is not just a tribute to the original actors, but also revives Davis’s powerful musings on race and gender for a contemporary audience.

How Does Young View Her Nominations?

Kara Young views her nominations as more than just personal triumphs but as a tribute to pioneering artists such as Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee, who laid the foundation for the future generation of Black actors. Kara believes that her accomplishments reflect the growth and challenges in the world of theatre and also the wider cultural narratives surrounding the issue of race and acceptance.

What Impact Does Young Hope to Have?

Through her performances and her presence in the industry, Young aims to challenge and expand the possibilities for narrative for Black women who perform in the theatre. She views her shows as opportunities to discover and convey the varied and diverse life experiences and perspectives and experiences of Black women, which she considers both a duty and an honor.


When the Tony Awards approach on June 16th, Kara Young stands at the zenith of her career, not only in her professional life, but within the larger context of American theatre. The consecutive nominations she has received signal an increase in diverse recognition within the industry which highlights the importance of diverse storytelling as well as participation in the Broadway stage. No matter what the outcome, the impact of Young’s work and contribution in the field of theater will reverberate well beyond the awards ceremony and influence the future of productions and the roles that are available in the future for Black actors in the theater.

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