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Earlier this month, Chrissy Teigen shared a surprising update with her fans: she was in a neck brace. The cause of her injury? An ambitious attempt at a handstand. This unusual incident was revealed in a series of candid selfies that Teigen posted on her Instagram on May 6, 2024, showing her in the brace and sharing a glimpse into her recovery process.

John Legend Shares Details

John Legend, Teigen’s supportive husband, shed light on how the injury occurred during a conversation with ET’s Cassie DiLaura on the red carpet ahead of a live episode of “The Voice.” Legend humorously explained, “She broke her neck trying to be some kind of acrobat, even though she’s not.” He elaborated on Teigen’s adventurous spirit, noting, “Sometimes she’s brave and tries different things.”

Legend connected the incident to their 8-year-old daughter, Luna, who has been practicing gymnastics. “I think I watched Luna too much,” Legend said, suggesting that Teigen’s attempt was inspired by watching their daughter’s gymnastic efforts. However, he emphasized that while Luna’s gymnastics might have seemed easy to Teigen, it was not as simple as it looked. “(Luna) practiced like a real gymnast. But (Chrissy) got it into her head that she could try it, but it wasn’t a good idea,” he added.

Teigen’s Recovery

Despite the initial shock and discomfort of the injury, Legend assured fans that Teigen is on the mend. “She’s feeling much better now,” he confirmed. The neck brace, while necessary for support, has not dampened Teigen’s spirits or her sense of humor, as seen in her lighthearted Instagram posts.

Family Life and Balancing Parenthood

The injury hasn’t slowed down the dynamic household that Teigen and Legend manage. In addition to Luna, the couple shares sons Miles, 5, and Wren, 10 months, as well as their youngest daughter, Esti, who is 1 year old. Balancing their busy careers and the demands of parenthood is no small feat, but they seem to handle it with grace and a good dose of humor.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes at “The Voice”

Recently, Legend took his two oldest children, Luna and Miles, to watch a live episode of “The Voice,” where Legend serves as a coach. He spoke proudly of their experience, saying, “Oh, they loved it! They really had a great time.” He recounted how they were enthralled by the magic of live television and the excitement of the show.

However, Luna missed out on another opportunity to join her father at the show due to being unwell. Legend explained his reasoning with a touch of fatherly discipline, “Luna was sick and didn’t go to school. And I said, ‘You won’t come to me.’ Voice if you didn’t go to school.” Despite this setback, Legend is hopeful about bringing her back for future episodes, noting, “We’ll probably bring her back next Monday.”

Teigen’s Red Carpet Potential

When asked about the possibility of Luna joining him on the red carpet, Legend responded with a chuckle, “You know, she does it nicely. She could probably handle a few interviews.” This playful comment highlights Luna’s growing confidence and comfort in the spotlight, potentially following in her parents’ footsteps.

Looking Forward

As fans look forward to new episodes of “The Voice,” airing Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, they can also follow Teigen’s journey to full recovery and the family’s heartwarming adventures. Through the ups and downs, Legend and Teigen continue to share their lives with honesty and humor, endearing themselves to fans worldwide.


Chrissy Teigen’s neck injury might have been a surprising twist in the family’s life, but it’s clear that with the support of her loving husband and children, she’s on the road to recovery. John Legend’s candid recounting of the incident and the couple’s approach to balancing their professional and personal lives provide a relatable and heartwarming narrative for their followers. As Teigen heals, fans can expect more updates and perhaps even see Luna make a red carpet appearance, showcasing the family’s enduring charm and resilience.

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