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Jessica Alba, a name associated with both Hollywood glamour and entrepreneurship she has been constantly reinventing herself over the course of her professional career. At first, she gained attention for her performance in the James Cameron film “Dark Angel,” Alba has evolved into a business entrepreneur with her environmentally conscious business, The Honest Company. Born on the 28th of April 1981 located in Pomona, California, Alba hasn’t been afraid of showing her Mexican roots and has utilized her platform to fight stereotypes and encourage diversity.

What impact did “Dark Angel” on Alba’s career?

“Dark Angel,” which was on the air from 2000 to 2002, was a pivotal moment for Alba and gave her an impressive breakthrough in her career at only the age of 19. This show, in addition to showed Alba’s acting skills, but also made her known as a tough, strong woman, both in and out of the screen–a theme that would be a constant across her professional career. Her character as Max Guevara, a genetically enhanced super-soldier became a model for female protagonists in a field dominated by males.

What has The Honest Company influenced her career?

In the year 2011, Alba founded The Honest Company, a company for consumer goods that focuses on ethical consumption. The company’s mission to provide environmentally friendly, non-toxic products has set the bar in the field. This project reflects Alba’s passion for social responsibility as well as her determination to change the norms of society positively. It also demonstrated Alba’s capabilities go beyond acting. She takes on the roles of leader and boss, showing that women are capable of excelling in many areas.

What is the motivation behind Alba’s activistism?

Alba’s advocacy is deeply personal, and is driven by her personal experiences as a Mexican-American woman working in Hollywood. Alba has always utilized her platform to debunk stereotypes of race and to promote equality. Her campaigning took an radical turn following the rise of tensions between races and social injustices in recent times. As she has witnessed the consequences of systemic racism as well as its negative effects for her kids, both black and Mexican origin, Alba has been vocal in her support for a comprehensive reforms in our criminal justice system.

What is her approach to her parenting during difficult times?

Alba is a believer in the importance of education and dialog at a young age. She stresses how important it is to engage in hard discussions about social justice and equality with children. Through instilling these values early she hopes to inspire her children and future generations to fight back against and alter the oppressive systems that dominate our society. Her parenting style is proactive and focused on helping her children not just confront these issues but also act as catalysts to bring about changes.


Jessica Alba envisions a future in which the future generation that includes her children can be part of a community which is committed to and demonstrates true equality. While she acknowledges that these fundamental changes won’t happen immediately however, her determination to be a part of this transformation is never-ending. Through her work as an entrepreneur, actress, as well as an activist Alba is continuing to influence and set an example by her actions and demonstrate that dedication to the values one holds dear can create a positive impact. Her rise from Hollywood actress to a well-known businesswoman and activist proves that, with dedication and grit it is possible to effect positive change in business as well as in the wider society.

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