Jennifer Wrynne Wedding, Know About Her Wedding

Irish style guru Jennifer Wrynne, 36, who boasts a net worth of approximately $1 million, recently recounted the heartfelt moment her partner Colm proposed to her in Dubai. Known for her elegance and fashion sense, Jennifer shares three children with Colm and their engagement story is a testament to their deep connection. The proposal was intimate and spontaneous, reflecting Colm’s private nature.

The Surprise Engagement

Jennifer had hinted to Colm about wanting to pick her own engagement ring, but he surprised her with his choice. “He knows me well though so he got away with it!” she admitted. The proposal took place on a beach in Dubai, free from the orchestrated fanfare. “It was very natural and no make up and messy hair,” Jennifer shared, appreciating the simplicity of the moment.

Family Connections

Jennifer and Colm’s relationship is deeply rooted in their families’ long-standing friendship. “Our parents have been really good friends throughout the years so we’ve kind of known each other forever,” she explained. The bond between their families added a layer of sentimentality to their engagement. Colm’s respectful gesture of asking Jennifer’s father for permission was humorously misunderstood, leading her parents to believe the couple had eloped to Dubai.

Wedding Plans

The couple plans to marry in June next year at Lough Rynne Castle, a venue close to their hearts and childhood homes. “We didn’t even look at anywhere else,” Jennifer said, emphasizing their preference for a local wedding. The wedding will be a family affair, with Jennifer’s sister as maid of honor, her best friends as bridesmaids, and her children taking on roles such as flower girls and page boy.

Local Suppliers and Personal Touches

Jennifer is keen on supporting local businesses for her wedding. Her wedding flowers will be arranged by La Belle Fleur, the same florist who handled Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll’s wedding. Michelle Regazzoli will do her makeup, and Jenny McCarthy will capture the day through photographs. Despite her clear vision for many aspects of the wedding, Jennifer is still undecided about her dress. “I just need to make appointments and try them on and see what suits,” she admitted.

Style Inspirations

With race season in full swing, Jennifer is busy but continues to draw inspiration from style icons like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham. Despite her busy schedule, she remains passionate about fashion and enjoys judging best-dressed competitions. Her top tips for winning include a complete look from head to toe, being appropriately dressed for the occasion, and feeling comfortable in one’s outfit.

Reflections on Fashion

Jennifer’s favorite outfit over the years is the cream dress she wore to her son’s christening, a testament to her preference for timeless elegance. Interestingly, she has a humorous take on her past fashion choices. Reflecting on her Best Dressed win at Cheltenham in 2015, she laughed at the description of her outfit resembling a Quality Street sweet, acknowledging that fashion evolves and sometimes past choices may not age well.

Handling Criticism

While Jennifer enjoys a positive relationship with her followers, she doesn’t let occasional negative comments affect her. “I just laugh it off,” she said, showing her resilience and ability to see the humor in criticism. This balanced approach helps her stay grounded and focused on her passion for fashion.

A Future Together

As Jennifer and Colm look forward to their wedding, they continue to navigate the demands of family life and work. Jennifer’s story is one of love, family, and fashion, highlighting her ability to balance her personal and professional life with grace. The upcoming wedding at Lough Rynne Castle promises to be a beautiful celebration of their enduring love and the strong connections that have shaped their journey together.


Jennifer Wrynne’s engagement story is a heartwarming reminder of the beauty of intimate, meaningful moments. Her approach to wedding planning reflects her commitment to family and local traditions, ensuring a personal touch to every detail. As she continues to inspire with her style and elegance, Jennifer’s journey from a surprise proposal in Dubai to her upcoming wedding at Lough Rynne Castle is a testament to love, resilience, and the joy of celebrating life’s special moments.

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