Jennette Mccurdy Dating History, To Whom Is Jennette Mccurdy Dating?

Jennette McCurdy is an award-winning American writer, singer, director, podcaster and former actress who first gained prominence through roles on popular television series such as iCarly,” “The First Lady,” and “Between”. Born June 26, 1992 she quickly established herself within entertainment with roles on shows like iCarly,” The First Lady,” Between” and more notably being one of Jennette McCurdy began acting early becoming one of its beloved figures but has recently transitioned into other creative pursuits including authoring her bestselling memoir entitled, “I’m Glad My Mom Died”.

What Is Jennette McCurdy’s Current Relationship Status?

As of 2024, Jennette McCurdy has been in an ongoing romantic relationship for seven years. In August 2022 she revealed she was enjoying an “open and loving” romance that had already lasted six years at that point. McCurdy chose not to disclose any details regarding their partner; therefore remaining low profile regarding personal matters. Some fans speculate she might even be married but McCurdy has only confirmed she is committed.

Who Has Jennette McCurdy Dated Before?

Jennette McCurdy has had several relationships in the past – some public while some more discreet. Here is an in-depth account of these past affairs.

  • Jesse Carere (2015 – 2016)

Jennette McCurdy had an intimation that fellow actor Jesse Carere from Finding Carter could become her romantic interest; the two met while working on Netflix sci-fi series Between. Although McCurdy confirmed their romance during an interview, however the reasons behind their breakup remain elusive; fans soon noticed she had deleted any photo with Carere from her social media platforms by 2016.

  • Andre Drummond (2013)

Jennette McCurdy had an intensely public and brief romance with Andre Drummond, an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. Their romance started after they met online and quickly attracted attention due to its unusual pairing; yet unfortunately lasted only approximately one week; though afterward McCurdy described their time together as sweet yet flattering; although later admitted that their first kiss during laser tag date did not go smoothly as there wasn’t any real chemistry present between the couple.

  • Paul Glaser (2010)

Jennette McCurdy dated Paul Glaser during her time on “iCarly.” At 19 years old and 13 years older than herself respectively, their romance ended prior to McCurdy’s mother passing from cancer. Their romance is confirmed in her memoir entitled, I’m Glad My Mom Died (2017)

  • Max Ehrich (2010 – 2011, Rumored)

Jennette McCurdy and Max Ehrich, an American actor, singer, and dancer respectively, were often seen together at various events leading to speculation of romantic involvement; however, McCurdy later clarified they never romantically involved herself while Ehrich stated he simply thought of McCurdy as being another friend in 2016.

  • Paul Butcher (2005 – 2006)

At school and eventually dating Paul Butcher – known for his role as “Zoey 101.” They met and started dating by June 2005 before parting ways by March 2006.

  • Graham Patrick Martin (2004 Rumored)

Rumors swirled in 2004 that Jennette McCurdy was dating actor Graham Patrick Martin, best known for playing Eldridge on “Two and a Half Men”. Although they were both teenagers at the time, this relationship reportedly lasted through 2008. Martin even appeared on “iCarly” 2009 without ever commenting publicly or officially about any dating rumors surrounding them.

How Does Jennette McCurdy View Her Past Relationships?

Jennette McCurdy has been forthcoming about her personal life through interviews and her memoir. In recent years however, she has demonstrated a preference for privacy by choosing not to reveal details regarding any current romantic interests that may exist outside of public view. Previously held relationships (whether confirmed or rumored) gave fans insight into who McCurdy really is as an individual, though now McCurdy focuses more on career advancement and personal growth.

What Is Jennette McCurdy Up To These Days?

Jennette McCurdy has since left acting behind to explore other creative pursuits. Her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died” garnered much acclaim as she also turned her hand to writing, directing and podcasting; “Empty Inside” being one such platform where guests discuss various subjects further demonstrating her ability to connect with audiences on an intimate level.


Jennette McCurdy has had many meaningful relationships that have had an effect on both her personal and professional lives, from early days in entertainment industry to her current pursuits as a writer and podcaster. Though McCurdy remains private about who is in her relationship at present, past relationships provide fascinating glimpses into her journey; while Jennette remains beloved and inspiring figure among public eye.

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