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Jayson Tatum is the energetic forward of The Boston Celtics, has not just established his name on the court, however, he has also become a dedicated father. The journey of becoming a father began with his rookie season leaving a lasting impression on his career and life.

How Did Fatherhood Begin for Jayson Tatum?

On the 6th of December of 2017, in the busy schedule of his initial NBA season Jayson Tatum along with his then-girlfriend Toriah Lachell, welcomed their son, Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr. Born when Tatum was getting started in his career in the NBA, Deuce quickly became a important part of his existence and had a direct impact on his actions in and out of the court.

What Role Does Deuce Play at Celtics Games?

Deuce Tatum has been a bit of a mascot for Boston Celtics, often seen supporting his father on the sidelines. Tatum’s presence during games isn’t just a positive thing for Tatum but it also benefits the fans and team. Tatum has been involved in group activities, including aiding coach Ime Udoka in chants before games as well as participating in the celebrations of his father after games. His activities are often posted on the Celtics social media channels, thereby introducing the Celtics’ fans.

How Does Tatum Incorporate Fatherhood Into His Professional Life?

Jayson Tatum has seamlessly juggled his fatherhood role and professional responsibility. He often speaks about the need to balance his time and be successful in both. Tatum believes that having a father increased his efficiency and determination when it comes to basketball. Tatum makes it a goal to include Deuce with his athletic game by letting his son be with him during the national anthem, and also involving his son in activities after games.

What Special Tribute Does Tatum Pay to His Son?

A touching gesture made by Tatum to pay tribute to his son’s memory is to follow the tradition of putting his name on the inside of his game day sneakers. This little gesture is a symbol of how Tatum keeps his son’s passion all his way throughout games. The sneakers are but one of numerous ways Tatum keeps his son in his thoughts regardless of the stakes or pressure that the match has.

How Has Fatherhood Influenced Tatum’s View on Life and Basketball?

Fatherhood has profoundly affected Tatum’s outlook on life and attitude towards basketball. Tatum regards the role of a father as a major obligation that drives him to achieve his goals. Tatum considers his son an inspirational source and motivation and pushes him to strive for the highest standards while also setting an excellent example. Tatum’s strategy is to teach Deuce how important it is to be dedicated and perseverance trying to instill these values from an early age.


As Deuce gets older and becomes more conscious of his father’s work The bond between them is growing stronger. Tatum’s role as a dad is a major influencer in his life, evidently impacting his choices and performance. When Tatum’s Boston Celtics clinching the NBA Finals in June 2024, Tatum not only celebrated the achievement on his professional level, but also celebrated it in intimate detail with his son who is his most fervent admirer.

The future is promising for Jayson Tatum as an top NBA player and as a loved father. With each game and season, he continues to demonstrate that success can be multifaceted–encompassing both personal joy and professional achievements. Tatum’s life is testimony to the strength of balancing the different roles in life with passion and determination.

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