Jayson Tatum Baby Mamas, Learn All About Baby

Jayson Tatum, the 26-year-old star forward for the Boston Celtics, is not only known for his skills on the basketball court but also for his role as a father to his son, Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr. With an estimated net worth of $50 million, Tatum has successfully balanced his professional and personal life since welcoming Deuce during his rookie NBA year in 2017. Tatum and his high school girlfriend, Toriah Lachell, were both 19 when they became parents.

Becoming a Father

2017 was a monumental year for Tatum. He was drafted third overall by the Celtics in June and, six months later, he welcomed Deuce into the world. Reflecting on that year, Tatum emphasized his determination to excel both as a father and a basketball player. “My mindset was not to sacrifice either,” he said in a 2022 press conference. “I was going to be the best father as well as the best basketball player.” This dual commitment has defined Tatum’s journey, as he and Deuce have grown together, experiencing the highs and lows of NBA life side by side.

Courtside Traditions

Deuce quickly became a beloved figure among Celtics fans and an honorary part of the team. His presence at games, where he often joins his father courtside, has endeared him to fans and players alike. Tatum enjoys sharing these moments with his son, as evidenced by their courtside routines and Deuce’s interactions with the team. Tatum’s teammates, including Marcus Smart and Grant Williams, have developed special bonds with Deuce, who is known for his playful antics and budding basketball skills.

Challenges of Parenting

Despite the joys of fatherhood, Tatum acknowledges the challenges, particularly the difficulties of being away due to his demanding NBA schedule. In an October 2023 contribution to the NBA’s Starting 5 newsletter, Tatum spoke candidly about missing important events in Deuce’s life. “Depending on our schedule, I miss his birthday sometimes and can’t attend all his school events or basketball practices,” he shared. These sacrifices weigh heavily on Tatum, who strives to balance his professional obligations with his desire to be present for his son.

Deuce’s Influence

Deuce’s impact on Tatum extends beyond personal moments. The Celtics player often incorporates his son’s presence into his professional life, from writing Deuce’s nickname on his sneakers to designing a pair of Air Jordans inspired by Deuce’s favorite book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” This connection is a source of inspiration for Tatum, who views his relationship with Deuce as a driving force in his career.

Social Media and Public Appearances

Tatum frequently shares glimpses of his life with Deuce on social media. Whether it’s singing karaoke, playing with superhero toys, or celebrating birthdays, these posts highlight their close bond. Deuce has also become a familiar face in Tatum’s post-game interviews, often sitting on his father’s lap and charming the audience with his candid remarks.

Supporting Each Other

Deuce’s involvement in Tatum’s career goes beyond being a spectator. He participates actively, from handing out water bottles and towels to the Celtics players to joining in pre-game chants and even playing in kids’ dunk contests. These activities strengthen their bond and create lasting memories. Tatum cherishes these moments, appreciating the unique opportunity to share his professional journey with his son.

Designing the Tatum 1

Tatum’s dedication to his son is also reflected in his professional endeavors. When designing his first signature shoe, the Tatum 1, under Nike’s Jordan Brand, he ensured that it came in kids’ sizes. “I want this shoe to be a bridge between my fans and me,” Tatum explained, emphasizing the importance of connecting with younger fans. The shoe, which includes a colorway inspired by Deuce’s love for animals, further cements Deuce’s influence on Tatum’s career.

Looking Ahead

As Deuce grows older, Tatum looks forward to continuing their journey together. He takes pride in being a young father, sharing experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime. “I think it’s cool that he’s going to be able to see me as my career goes,” Tatum said, reflecting on the unique bond they share. This relationship not only enriches Tatum’s life but also inspires those who witness their interactions.


Jayson Tatum’s journey with his son Deuce is a testament to his dedication both as a father and an athlete. Balancing a demanding NBA career with the responsibilities of parenthood, Tatum has managed to create a nurturing environment for his son while excelling on the court. Deuce’s presence has become an integral part of Tatum’s life, inspiring him to strive for greatness in all aspects. As they continue to grow together, their bond remains a source of strength and joy for both father and son.

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