James And Myka Stauffer, Why Did Youtuber Couple Rehome Their Adopted Son?

In May of 2020 in May 2020, a YouTube couple who vlogged, Myka Stauffer and her husband James Stauffer, shocked their viewers by declaring that they would not be able to continue the adoption of an infant they had adopted less than three years before. The decision, as well as the events surrounding it provoked a number of discussions and protests in the media, prompting questions on ethical issues involved in “rehoming” an adopted child as well as the obligations for adoptive parents.

What Led to the Dissolution of the Adoption?

The Stauffers were thrilled to welcome Huxley to their household in the month of October 2017 after the adoption of Huxley from China. Huxley aged two of age at the time was diagnosed with autism, a reality that the Stauffers were aware of prior to completing the adoption. Through the years family members recorded their journey to adopt on their YouTube channel “The Stauffer Life,” growing in popularity through sharing the struggles as well as the joys of having children with special needs.

According to the couple, the difficulties increased due to the unknown issues with Huxley’s health. In a later deleted YouTube video uploaded in May of 2020 James Stauffer explained, “Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of, and that we were not told.” The revelation was made following inquiries and questions from viewers who noted Huxley’s absence on recent YouTube videos.

How Did the Public Find Out?

Users who follow those who follow the Stauffer families YouTube channel started to think that Huxley had moved out within the family unit when they saw subtle shifts. The most significant clue was found in James Stauffer’s auto-maintenance channel “Stauffer Garage,” in which followers noticed that the car seat of Huxley was gone. In addition, comments and questions concerning Huxley were disappearing from the comments on videos, creating suspicion among viewers.

The problem grew worse after the couple decided to create videos with Huxley secret, which prevented people from watching earlier content featuring Huxley. Only after these changes, and the growing public concerns when Myka and James made it clear that they had relocated Huxley.

What Were the Reactions?

The reaction following Stauffer’s announcement was quick and very severe. The Stauffers were criticized by many in their treatment of Huxley as being returnable, which was in direct contradiction to Myka’s words from her 2017 video in which she declared, “My child is not returnable.” Public reaction was driven by mixed emotions of dismay, anger, and worry for the well-being of Huxley and resulted in a fierce criticism of the couple’s choice.

In reaction to the scandal, Myka issued an apology on Instagram and stopped her posts on YouTube which was where she was extremely engaged. The apology however didn’t do much to dispel the anger as the YouTube channel of the family has been unactive following the scandal.

What Is Known About Huxley Now?

After the scandal the Stauffers’ family has mostly gone under the radar of public opinion. But the Stauffers’ story came back after the launch of the Vox Media Studios docuseries, “An Update on Our Family,” that examines the controversy and gives information on the new Huxley’s life. The docuseries reveals Huxley is now changed by his family, which has decided to hide their identity and the details about his new life secret.

The decision to protect Huxley from scrutiny by the media is widely regarded as an attempt to safeguard Huxley’s privacy, and give Huxley to start afresh, far from the controversy the rehoming of his son triggered.


The Stauffer family’s story is an important reminding us of the complexity and responsibility that comes with adopting in particular when it comes to children who have particular needs. This raises questions concerning the level of preparation and dedication from adoptive parents. It also emphasizes the necessity of stricter processes and supportive procedures to avoid similar scenarios. The debate has also led to more debates about the morality of posting one’s personal life through social media platforms, where the lines between entertainment for public use and personal life may get unclear.

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