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Cruz Beckham (19), the son of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham was seen in Mayfair, London with Brazilian singer Jackie Apostel. This is after his recent break-up with Tana holding. Cruz Beckham, a young man with aspirations to be in the music business, was spotted shopping together with Brazilian singer Jackie Apostel.

What occasion was their outing?

The two were seen walking casually through one of London’s most exclusive areas, hinting that they may have a new relationship or something more. Cruz drove around in his Land Rover Defender in casual clothes, wearing a white T-shirt with dark brown chino pants and black Converse shoes.

What is Jackie Apostel all about?

Jackie Apostel, a Brazilian musician, prefers to remain behind the scenes of the music industry. According to her Spotify profile, she will release “i”, a long-awaited reggaeton uptempo track on July 1st. Apostel expressed in interviews such as the one she did with Indie Band Guru, which took place in 2019, her love of pop music’s repetitive and catchy nature, and her desire to mix various genres into her music, including Latin and rock influences.

What happened to Cruz Beckham’s previous relationship?

The relationship between Cruz and Tana Holding began in May of 2022. It ended quietly during the summer. Sources close to the couple claim that their relationship was just a typical teenage love affair which unfortunately did not last. Tana was previously seen on holiday with the Beckhams in Italy. She was noticeably absent from their family gatherings and didn’t accompany them on holiday last summer.

What is Cruz Beckham’s family background?

Cruz is the youngest child of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. David Beckham was a retired football star. His parents’ fame brought him into the spotlight as a child, but now he is carving his own music career. Cruz’s family, which included his parents and siblings attended the Netflix premiere of David Beckham series where Cruz was not accompanied by Tana.


Cruz Beckham’s outing with Jackie Apostel is a new chapter in his life after he split from Tana. Their shared musical interests and their recent public appearances together could hint at a possible collaboration or deeper relationship. It will be fascinating to watch Cruz’s personal and professional life develop as he continues to develop his music talents.

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