Irina Shayk Dating History, What Can Be Said About Shayk’s Earlier Relationships?

Russian model Irina Shayk is the subject of headlines due to her romantic connection in the past with ex- NFL player Tom Brady. The connection was revealed following Shayk was seen leaving Brady’s home at Los Angeles in July 2023 within a couple of months after his split from Giselle Bundchen. The pair was seen together during August of 2023 in The Twenty Two hotel in London’s Mayfair and sparked speculation about their relationship.

What is Known About Shayk and Tom Brady’s Interaction?

The details of Shayk as well as Brady’s interaction suggest that they are developing a relationship. Shayk was said to have been taken to the hotel of Brady who was said to be gently touching her face as she left the back of his Rolls Royce. In the morning, they were photographed leaving the hotel via separate exits. This fueled speculation about the reason for their time together.

Is Irina Shayk been associated with other celebrities of high-profile?

It’s true, Shayk has been linked to a variety of famous people at times. Prior to Tom Brady, she was believed to be in a relationship with Kanye West. These rumors first surfaced in the month of March 2022, and were further fueled through their public appearances, which included an excursion in France during June of 2021 to celebrate Kanye’s birthday. While their relationship was never publicly confirmed, it drew huge media attention because of the timing of their relationship following Kanye’s breakup with Kim Kardashian.

How did Shayk’s friendship to Bradley Cooper Develop?

Irina Shayk’s romantic relationship to actor Bradley Cooper is perhaps her most famous to date. The two first spotted together in April of 2015, and then made public shortly thereafter. The couple’s relationship grew stronger quickly and culminated in being blessed with their first child Lea De Seine, in March of 2017. Despite their early success The couple broke up in June of 2019, according to reports because of long-running disagreements.

What Can Be Said About Shayk’s Earlier Relationships?

Prior to Bradley Cooper, Shayk was in a relationship for years in a relationship with Portuguese athlete Cristiano RonaldoThey began dating in 2010 and stayed in a relationship for 5 years, and made very few public appearances, however once appearing together on a steamy Vogue Spain cover shoot in 2014. The couple split in January of this year after which Shayk going on to other relationships that were highly publicized afterward.

What Was the Rumor About Shayk and Art Dealer Vito Schnabel?

In March 2020 Shayk was believed to be meeting artist Vito Schnabel. According to sources, Schnabel was attracted to Shayk for a long time. They were both seen on the same day during a trip to New York, which ignited speculation regarding their relationship. However, this relationship was not able to evolve into a serious relationship since little was revealed about the subject.

How Has the Public Reacted to Shayk’s Dating Life?

The interest in Shayk’s personal life has been extremely high due to her connections to famous figures from music, sports and film. Every relationship has generated an array of media attention which reflect the ongoing interest in her private life. The attention to her life has only increased due to her recent connection to Tom Brady, especially considering the glamor of Brady’s relationship with Giselle Bundchen.


Irina Shayk love life is as diverse and colorful as her modeling career. From high-profile relationships with celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Bradley Cooper to her rumored flirtations in love with Kanye West, and Tom Brady, Shayk has often been in the spotlight, not just for her work, but also for her private life. While she navigates her personal and professional life, media and public fascination with her relationships continues unabated, showing the ongoing interest in her life outside of the runway.

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