Ilana Glazer Husband, Know About Her Husband

Ilana Glazer, a 34-year-old actress and comedian with an estimated net worth of $3 million, has a fascinating personal life. Married to David Rooklin, a 41-year-old scientist, for over nine years, the couple shares a strong bond despite their different professional paths. They welcomed their first child, a baby girl, in 2021, further enriching their life together.

Meeting in New York City

Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin first met in Washington Square Park, New York City. This meeting occurred during a transitional period for Glazer, after FX had passed on her show “Broad City” and before Comedy Central picked it up. Describing their initial encounter, Glazer told Kelly Ripa in June 2017, “We just made eyes and it was like, ‘Damn.’” Their relationship developed quickly, feeling natural and effortless from the start.

A Secret Wedding

The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony in 2012, choosing to keep their special day private. They celebrated their honeymoon in Iceland, where they enjoyed walking and talking amidst the stunning landscapes. Glazer fondly recalled the experience, saying, “Honestly, driving is the most beautiful thing… We felt like we were on drugs or something driving.”

Professional Differences

David Rooklin, often described by Glazer as a “hot scientist,” holds a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from NYU. In 2017, he co-founded Redesign Science, a company specializing in molecular dynamics-driven platforms for in silico drug discovery. Despite their different career paths, Rooklin has been a steadfast supporter of Glazer’s work in comedy and acting.

Supporting Each Other

Throughout their relationship, Rooklin has been a supportive partner, attending Glazer’s live shows and understanding the core of her comedic movement. In a 2014 New Yorker story, he mentioned, “If you remove the divide between performer and audience, you have something else. It’s like a collaboration.” Glazer, in turn, brings her spontaneous sense of humor to their relationship, even once cutting off Rooklin’s long blond hair for a movie role preparation.

Private and Public Life

While Glazer’s comedy often remains unfiltered, she keeps her personal life relatively private. However, she doesn’t completely hide her marriage from the public. For instance, she shared a story on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” about how she and Rooklin decided to shave his head while adjusting to a new time zone in Australia. This blend of private moments and public stories highlights the unique dynamics of their relationship.

Parenthood Journey

In 2021, Glazer and Rooklin welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Glazer shared a glimpse of their daughter on Instagram, posting a photo of herself breastfeeding with the caption, “Been breastfeedin’ in compression socks for the past three weeks, hbu?” Rooklin also subtly announced the news on social media with a sketch of a mother and baby, titled “quick sketch of new mom.”

Navigating Pregnancy

During her pregnancy, Glazer opened up about her experience in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She discussed the societal pressures and expectations placed on pregnant women and emphasized her desire to seek out a spiritually healthy and welcoming experience. This openness about her journey into motherhood provided insight into her personal growth and resilience.

Artistic Collaborations

In addition to his scientific career, Rooklin is also an artist who frequently shares sketches on Instagram. Many of his artworks feature Glazer, highlighting her as a muse for his creative endeavors. This artistic expression adds another layer to their multifaceted relationship, blending science and art in a unique and meaningful way.

Looking Ahead

As Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin continue their journey together, they balance their demanding careers with the joys and challenges of parenthood. Their strong bond, rooted in mutual support and shared experiences, continues to thrive. Glazer’s ability to blend her comedic talent with her personal life, and Rooklin’s support, ensure that their relationship remains a source of strength and inspiration.


Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin’s relationship is a testament to the power of love and support, even when partners lead vastly different professional lives. Their journey from meeting in New York City to raising their daughter showcases their resilience and dedication to each other. As they continue to navigate the complexities of life, their story remains an inspiring example of how personal and professional worlds can harmoniously coexist.

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