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  • ABOUT – (Name, Spritual Order,Madh’hab, Date of Birth, Place of birth, Passed away date and place
    Resting place, Title(s) )
  • FAMILY & LINEAGE – (Desciption of Family and Lineage)
  • BIRTH – (Any descriptions arround birth)
  • EARLY LIFE (Description arround early life)
  • SECTIONS ARROUND THE LIFE EXPERIENCES (Please see other articles)
  • SPIRITUAL CHAIN – (Spritual order with names)
  • MIRACLES – (Any Miracles performed by the awliya)
  • WIVES & CHILDREN – (Information arround Children and Wives)
  • FINAL ADVICE AND PASSING ON – (Advice that has been left for people)
  • WORKS – (Any books or works that has been produced)
  • QUOTES –  (Famous quotes)
  • MAUSOLEUM – (Description arround Shrine and location)
  • GALLERY – ( Any photos )
  • REFERENCES ( Please refence as much as you can )


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