Gavin Rossdale New Girlfriend, Who is Xhoana X? Know Here

Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of the rock band Bush, has lately sparked interest due to his dating with Albanian singer Xhoana Xheneti, better called Xhoana X. The couple has been under scrutiny as fanatics and social media customers draw comparisons between Xhoana and Rossdale’s ex-wife, Gwen Stefani.

What Are People Saying About Their Resemblance?

The net is buzzing with reviews at the uncanny resemblance among Xhoana X and Gwen Stefani. Numerous tweets and social media posts have highlighted the similarities, mainly Xhoana’s blonde hair and signature purple lips, which might be harking back to Stefani’s iconic appearance.

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” one Twitter person exclaimed, posting side-by using-side pictures of Xhoana and Stefani. Another tweet examine, “Just images of Gavin Rossdale along with his new girlfriend and dude, that’s f–king creepy.” The comments variety from amused disbelief to outright claims that the relationship is “weird.”

TikToker Jordycray added to the communication with a video mentioning, “I’m not pronouncing that Gavin’s new female friend seems like Gwen Stefani just because she has blonde hair. I’m announcing she looks like Gwen Stefani due to the fact she f–king seems like Gwen Stefani. If you cannot see that, I’m involved. Please get your eyes checked.”

What Do Other Celebrities Think?

The resemblance has even stuck the eye of different celebrities. Bunnie Xo, spouse of u . S . Celebrity Jelly Roll, commented, “Ummmmm twins lmao.” Another TikTok author echoed the sentiment, declaring, “I can’t unsee it now,” and suggested that Xhoana may have intentionally styled herself to appearance more like Stefani since relationship Rossdale.

How Did Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani’s Relationship Begin and End?

Rossdale and Stefani had been one of the ’90s’ most celebrated couples, both main a success rock bands—Bush and No Doubt, respectively. They met in 1995 and tied the knot in a lavish London rite in 2002. Together, they have got 3 sons: Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Despite their sturdy presence within the song global and as a pair, their marriage led to 2015 after thirteen years.

How Did Gwen Stefani Move On?

Post-divorce, Gwen Stefani started a high-profile dating with u . S . A . Song big name and longtime choose on The Voice, Blake Shelton, in 2015. The couple’s romance has been properly-documented, and they eventually married in July 2021. Stefani’s pass from rock to united states of america music, alongside Shelton, marked a brand new bankruptcy in her existence, both in my opinion and professionally.

When Did Gavin Rossdale and Xhoana X Make Their Relationship Public?

Gavin Rossdale’s courting with Xhoana X commenced in 2023, in step with Page Six. The couple made their relationship Instagram respectable in March 2024, when Rossdale posted a photo from their dinner date. This public assertion solidified their dating reputation and invited each guide and scrutiny from lovers and the media alike.

Who is Xhoana Xheneti?

Xhoana Xheneti, professionally called Xhoana X, is a 35-yr-antique Albanian singer. While she has gained attention for her dating with Rossdale, Xhoana has her personal career in music. Little is publicly known about her youth or rise to reputation, but her modern courting with Rossdale has absolutely put her in the spotlight.

What Has Been the Public’s Reaction to Their Relationship?

Public response to Rossdale and Xhoana’s dating has been mixed. Many are targeted at the visible similarities between Xhoana and Stefani, leading to comparisons and once in a while harsh grievance online. Some lovers locate the resemblance eerie, at the same time as others agree with it is a non-issue and desire the couple well.

How Have Rossdale and Xhoana Responded to the Comparisons?

As of now, neither Gavin Rossdale nor Xhoana X have publicly addressed the comparisons to Gwen Stefani. They appear to be that specialize in their relationship and ignoring the web chatter. Rossdale’s desire to make their relationship public suggests a level of consolation and confidence of their partnership.

What Does This Mean for Gavin Rossdale’s Future?

Rossdale’s relationship with Xhoana X marks a new chapter in his lifestyles post-divorce. While the comparisons to Stefani may also continue, Rossdale appears content in his new dating. How this may effect his non-public and expert life remains to be seen, but enthusiasts will certainly be looking carefully.

The public’s fascination with Gavin Rossdale’s new dating largely stems from the resemblance among Xhoana X and Gwen Stefani. While those comparisons may persist, it is essential to appreciate Rossdale’s private life and the happiness he unearths with Xhoana. As the couple maintains to navigate their relationship inside the public eye, most effective time will inform if the focal point will shift from comparisons to their man or woman and joint successes.

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